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Let’s Get Social!

Diigo Profile: This is a social bookmarking research, and knowledge sharing tool. It combines the power of your own research (note taking) with the extensive expertise of a knowledge-sharing community. Join the Diigo community today or, for more information, check out Diigo: Highlight and Share the Web.

Facebook Profile: Facebook is one of the world’s most popular social networking website where members connect and share with family and friends online.

Fitbit: Connect with me on Fitbit and let’s keep each other motiviated. Add me via the email friend add option in the Fitbit app on your phone:

Flickr Profile: This is my favourite online photo management and sharing application. It allows me to make my photos available to you while providing me with an online backup all my photos and video. Sign up or take a tour of Flickr today.

FourSquare Profile: Foursquare helps me create a time line of where I’ve been and figure out where I want to go. It comes complete with recommendations of where to go to next and the best local deals. Find the great places near you and find out more about creating your own account.

Goodreads Profile: Looking for the next great in your life? Check out Goodreads. It is a social network for readers and authors, which acts as a catelouge for all the books I’ve read, the books I’m currently reading, and the books I want to read. Sign up for a free account or find out more about Goodreads and how it can help you sort your reading life.

Google+ Profile: This unique social tool brings people together within the context of Google’s many services. The experience of Google+ is like no other. This is where you’ll connect with friends you haven’t met yet over common interests. Check out this superb guide to Google+ and don’t forget to sign into your account and connect with me!

LinkedIn Profile: LinkedIn is a social platform for professionals. This is where you will find me talking about my work as a writer, a knowledge mobilization(knowledge translation and exchange) professional, a communications specialist, a social media strategist, and all the other aspects of my professional life. Join LinkedIn today so we can begin to connect in our professional lives too.

Pinterest Profile: This is one of the best tools that help me collect and organize the things I love through pictures and other visuals. Knitting is a popular topic, but you can find my favourite books, the best social media advice, lots of unknown organic cleaning tips from experts across the world, and a host of other bits and bobs that interest me. What interests you? Let’s explore your interests on Pinterest today.

Quilting Board: This is a popular place where quilters around the world stop in and share their expertise and knowledge.

Quora Profile: This knowledge base helps users figure out the answer to life’s most important questions. Ask any question, and get real answers from people with first hand experience. Don’t be shy, ask a question today!

Ravelry ID: This is a place where knitters, crocheters, designers, spinner, weavers, and dyers track their yarn, tools, projects and pattern information, and look to others for inspiration. Start tracking your stitching today and join Ravelry.

Sew What’s New Profile: Join the “most vibrant sewing community on the web” and share your stitching with other stitchers around the world.

SlideShare Profile: This is where I share my presentations. It also supports PDFs, videos, and full webinars. Join SlideShare and begin your learning journey and discover professional and educational learning material today.

Strava Profile: Strava is a tracking app for runners and cyclists that tracks our stats and helps us refine our efforts to improve our fitness levels. Since investing in a Nirve Cruiser bycycle, I’ve been riding every single day and my health stats are improving! Join me on Strava and let’s get fit!

Twitter Profiles (@BonnieZink (writer & professional) and @stoonstitcher (knitter and stitcher), @gartergiggles (more knitting fun), @KMintheAMyxe (local community of practice), @KMbChat (international Twitter chat about knowledge mobilization): Twitter is where I share project information, my views on any number of topics, and connect with friends and professionals around the world in real time. Twitter is the perfect place to learn, share, and grow. Who will you connect with? Join Twitter today and find out!

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