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About Me

I am a Mom and long-time fibre addict. I use creative and interesting means to avoid the attacks from members of TAKE   (Those Against Knitting Enjoyment). A knitterly lifestyle has served to see me through adversity, help me refocus my energies in times of adversity, and always brings joy and smiles to myself and mine.

I knit. I crochet. I cross stitch. I sew. I write. I create. I knit socks, sweaters, dog sweaters, cardigans, and a host of other items. I stitch home decor items and items for donation to my community. I make use of scraps and enjoy endless hours in my studio or my office where I dream of new projects and craft tall tales.

I live, work, and play on the Canadian prairies and it is my goal to travel Canada and meet all lovers of stitching and my fellow writers. Where are you? I just might end up there.

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