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A little vintage goes a long way!

June 19, 2015

1956-401a-BionicGearBag.jpgI’ve written about the Bionic Gear Bag (BGB) pattern by Sally Thompson before. It is a transformative pattern that will teach beginners the basics of sewing. It is challenging enough to keep the more experienced among us interested through to the last stitch. The resulting bag will transform the way you organize your essentials. It also serves as an important test project for my vintage sewing machines.

I have a BGB for my makeup and toiletries. I have one for my sewing tools and notions. I have made BGBs for gifts. I plan to make more to house my electronics’ cords, chargers, and other bits and bobs. I would like to fill one with office supplies to add to my mobile office set up. I will stitch one to help keep my knitting notions organized and accessible. The BGB is versatile and perfectly sized to easy to grab and go no matter what you fill it with.

The BGB is my go-to pattern when I add a new vintage sewing machine to my family (meet my sewing family here). Once a new machine is cleaned, serviced and polished, I use it to stitch a BGB.

  • The BGB creation process puts each machine through a rigorous process that shows me what the machine is capable of.
  • There are lots of bumps and bulk to test the machine’s ability to sew through layers.
  • The installation of five zippers helps me determine tension and stitch quality.
  • The BGB helps me decide if the machine will stay or go and whether that machine is in need further need of more servicing by someone more experienced than I.

My most recent machine is a 1956 Singer 401a, Cinnamon. She made it through the BGB without a skipped stitch or broken needle. This is a very powerful machine with lots of fancy stitch options. She sews a quality stitch that is straight and true. Cinnamon is now my “forever” machine. She passed this important test with flying colours!

Place your order for a customised Bionic Gear Bag today!

What are you sewing on?

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