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Who doesn’t love a good yarn?

May 30, 2013


FictionKNITstas 2013

FICTIONistas, Canada’s premiere tour of women authors since 2006, is a unique take on spreading the good word. It has focused on celebrating the works of Canadian women authors, who go on reading tours to help promote their work. The 2013 version of FICTIONistas comes with a twist, pairing each author with a knitter, and is known as FictionKNITstas!

The 2013 FictionKNITstas tour, combines the love of stitching with the love of words. Each knitter is paired with an author and knits an item that connects the author’s words with yarn and our love of knitting. The item travels the countryside with the author as she reads from her work and highlights the connection between both creative pursuits.

I was paired with Lisa-Bird Wilson – local Saskatoon author and professional – and her recently released collection of short stories (April 2013), Just Pretending. This collection of short stories was inspired by themes present in her life – identity and being Métis, family, and personal history. The knitterly result of this pairing is a Métis inspired knit sash. The Métis sash appears throughout Wilson’s short stories and holds a symbolic connection to the themes noted above.

Phillip stitches on the FictionKNITstas Metis sashSince writing and knitting are both solitary exercises in accessing the creative parts of who we are, this event spoke to me on two levels: as a writer and a knitter. I am proud to be connected to FictionKNITstas and have my knitterly work featured alongside Just Pretending.

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