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My Top Five Favourite Sock Recipes

April 12, 2012

As the weather turns from the blustery chills of winter into the whimsical breezes of spring, my knitting takes a turn. No longer do I have heavy afghans, wool sweaters, or warm and wonderful hats, scarves, and mitts on my needles. My knitting pursuits take a turn to travel through the world of highly portable and cool sock knitting. This is the time to replace the worn and tired pairs with new and vibrant socks for spring, summer, and winter wear.

Socks have always been a favourite of mine. I’ve searched the internet far and wide and have created a collection of my favourite sock recipes. They include the luxurious, adjustable, and pretty. The patterns range from the complicated and intricate patterning of lace to the easy and breezy simplicity of stockinette.

Once you’ve mastered the basic sock, the sky is the limit! Let’s begin with some of my favourite simple sock recipes that are adjustable and customizable to satisfy every foot and knitting whim.

  1. A Good, Plain Sock Recipe is found within the pages of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s Knitting Rules. This is a cuff down recipe that is knit in the round.  Although, knitting endless rounds of stockinette can seem a bit ordinary, it is not. They are an extension of your love. Stephanie is kind enough to include a listing of how to make sock knitting more exciting. Check out the results of her Good, Plain Socks on Ravelry:
  2. Basic Socks are included in Socks from the Toe Up: Essential Techniques and Patterns from Wendy Knits, by Wendy D. Johnson. Johnson takes a knitter on a journey through all the techniques necessary to build a good sock. Included are short-row toe and basic heel socks, gusset heel basic socks, slip stitch heel basic socks, and a host of other patterns and variations to keep your wardrobe of toe warmers up to date.  Wendy has kindly put a basic toe up recipe over here:
  3. Toe up Sock Pattern Generator is one of my go-to places when I’m considering a sock for someone new. This generator accounts for needle size, yarn weight, knitting gauge, and shoe size.  You will have the perfect sock each and every time. The pattern generator can be found here:
  4. Violet Green Customized Sock Pattern Generator for 4ply/sock Weight Yarns is another online generator that provides you with a pattern once you feed it your foot circumference and foot size. Create your pattern here
  5. 5 Needle Sock Pattern Generator helps you create a printer-friendly pattern for plain socks, knitted from the cuff down, and on five double-pointed needles. Start your sock adventure here

So, there you have it: My top five favourite sock recipes. I default to these whenever I am in the mood to knit in the round without any distraction or complication. But, and this is the exciting part, I can add a simple or elaborate lace pattern, change the toe or heel construction,  add a whimsical cuff, or create interest with colourwork and other techniques.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. February 6, 2013 1:17 pm

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    If only there were significantly more weblogs similar to this one in the net.
    Well, many thanks for your personal precious time, Rachael

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