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A Sunday afternoon…

September 11, 2011

Jeanette’s dress/blouse, originally uploaded by GarterGiggles.

Lately, my weekdays and weekends have been filled with obligation, client projects, and work. I have not had an afternoon to spend on my own pursuits for the past three months.

I fixed this issue today. My youngest daughter has had a length of stretch plaid in the bottom of her closet for quite some time. A l wonder through my pattern library brought me much needed inspiration and turned my Sunday afternoon into a creative and productive one that did NOT involve anything “work/professionally” related.

The pattern is New Look 6704. It contains instructions to create an overcoat, mini dress, belted blouse, long, short and sleeveless button down tops that are suitable for nearly every shape and figure.

My daughter happens to be well proportioned. She is tall and lean and can wear nearly anything. The plaid suits her and she is eagerly awaiting the morning so she can wear it to University classes.

It has always done my heart good to create clothing for my daughters. From the time they were born I’d spend hours in my studio. I had a playpen set in the corner to accomodate them when they were babes. I had a multitude of activities set at a table to keep them busy when they were older. They’ve been a part of my sewing world from the start. Now, even though both are grown and beginning their journey through adulthood, the pull of the studio has not been lost.

From costumes for hallowe’en to that special fitted ensemble, my machines have been an intricate part of life and growing for my girls and I. It has served to bond us together in creativity that remains as strong to day as it ever was. It is the go-to room whenever a special dress or outifit is needed. It is the room where bonding began and it is the room where I find solice from the outside world. I’ve missed my studio!

Have you spent some quality time with your fabrics, machines, and children lately? What wonderful creations are coming out of your love?

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  1. Joan Niedermayer permalink
    September 11, 2011 5:17 pm

    Days like today are jewels! I decided to test out a knitting pattern for a French beret to give to my friend and former boss. We were recently split up in an office “reorganization” and have both been feeling blue, not sure where we were heading or what we’d be doing. The only thing we knew for certain was that we would no longer be working together. And we are both devastated. I asked her what I could make for her–she asked for a red beret. I am a relatively poor knitter, but today I began the “red cap special”, giving myself plenty of do-over slippage time between now and Christmas. Today, I feel oddly much better about things than I did yesterday. All because I started the gift for a very dear friend. Go figure!

    • September 11, 2011 5:22 pm

      Joan, that is a beautiful story. Your friend/colleague will treasure your inspiration, of that I’m sure. You are right, days like today are indeed jewels. They are far and few between, but I have learned to appreciate them when they do come along. Sometimes we just have to say “go away world” and sit and stitch, whether that be with knitting needles or a sewing machine. I’ve far too many WIPs in the sewing studio and my knitting basket. I plan to clean up the WIPs and hope more jewel days come along to allow my creative spirit sparkle.

  2. September 11, 2011 6:07 pm

    Such a lovely post! My children were always right there with me too when they were young. I love the plaid shirt dress. Thanks for sharing!

    • September 11, 2011 6:11 pm

      Thanks Gloria! I have many fond memories of hours in the studio with the tots right beside me. Neither child has picked up the fabric addiction like their old Mom, but both are still involved in designing. They think of it and I create it. We make a great team.

      I am convinced that the hours spent in the sewing studio inspired relationships that didn’t fade with time. Like the creative spirit, the mother/daughter bonds only grew with time.

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