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Stitching and more stitching…

July 24, 2010

Mother Nature has seen fit to provide this area of the world with lots of humidity and heat.  I’m not a fan of either.  It is not knitting friendly.  Who wants to sit with a pile of hot wool on their lap?  Not I.  But this doesn’t mean I’ve stopped stitching. I have just switched it up a little and moved into my sewing room instead.

I seem to be very lucky.  I have a stash of fabric that has grown over the years.  Initially, I would bring home fabric from my workplace, Fabricland.  It was difficult to work there and not bring home beautiful dress lengths of stylish fabric (especially when one receives a fairly decent discount).  My stash grew and grew.  I’ve carried around tubs full of fabric.  Now it is time to bust that stash!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been cutting and stitching and creating.  My wardrobe has been in need of a bit of an update.  Here are the pieces thus far:

Bombshell, fitted slacks

Bombshell was in need of some bottoms to highlight her beautiful colour and work"woman"ship.

I found a piece of blue (with a purple undertone) linen within my fabric stash.  It was calling out to become a mate for Wisteria (Bombshell).  Now the knitted top can show off her colour with these fitted slacks (with fly).

V-neck Tee with tie

V-neck tee with mock tie

I came across a piece of knitted tee shirting material.  I flipped through my patterns and found this fitted V-neck tee.  Waste shaping and a mock tie give the tee a slimming effect along with a little fun.  I have a filing cabinet filled with patterns for all sorts of apparel, home decorating, and crafting items.  Some of them have never been used but most of them date back to my Fabricland days (10 years plus ago).

Minty Pjs

Cool mint cotton PJs.

Mint is often associated with summer.  When I found this mint / white cotton stripe it spoke to me and I envisioned a pair of cool PJs.  A deep scooped neckline top pairs with flared 3/4 bottoms to create a comfy set that will keep cool during the summer heat.

Rather than spend days in the heat outdoors I have retreated to my sewing room where I can still stitch and creativity flows.  The knitting has been put away until Mother Nature decides to turn down the thermostat 🙂

Sewing Room

My retreat from the heat. The coolness of a basement with the added bonus of large windows add up to a cool and fun place to hide from Mother Nature.

Happy Stitching everyone!

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