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Stitching in Saskatoon…

June 17, 2010

Normally near the end of June I would be sitting on the my deck enjoying the sun and warmth of summer.  However, Mother Nature had different plans for us this year.  It is Monsoon season here in Saskatoon, SK.  We’ve had rain and more rain.  We’ve had rain fall warnings.  We’ve had wind.  The rain has been occasionally dotted by a few hours of sun here and there.  But the sunny days are short lived and conditions are ripe for the creation of a season not normal in Saskatchewan:  Monsoon Season.

Very few of our days have looked like this:

A cozy corner of my back garden fills with sunshine as I prepare to sit and knit the afternoon away.

Knitting on the deck, an activity I’ve looked forward to all through the cold dark days of winter, has been intermittent at best.  Wool does not take kindly to wet weather as it is knitted into wonderful sweaters, socks, and other knitterly items.  What is a stitcher to do?  Rather than knitting on the deck I’ve taken refuge in a neglected room of my home:  my sewing room.

Knitting on the Deck: A sock in the making. A warm day was spent with coffee and a favourite past time, knitting.

I’ve been bitten by the sewing bug once again.  I’ve shopped the fabric stash and decided that it was in need of some enhancement.  I’ve perused my filing cabinet and discovered my collection was also in need of upgrading.  Even though I can’t see them through the rain filled clouds, I know the stars were aligned.  Fabricland, our local one stop shopping for all things sewing, is having a fabulous pre-summer sale.  Patterns, notions, fabrics, threads, etc. were all on sale at unbeatable prices.  A last minute decision to turn right rather than left out of my parking lot at work led me in the direction of this sewers heaven.

A pretty cotton print found on the 75% off rack.

Yellow converges with black in this summer like collage.

Now I’m a fan of most colours.  But when it comes to PINKS, I’m more than a fan.  While perusing racks of sale cotton prints I came across these beauties.

Stripes are a fun print to have on hand.

This last print spoke to me.  I’ve made a new friend.  She is a kindred spirit whose ideals, viewpoints, and preferences mirror my own.  Crafting brought us together and, since our meeting, crafting has also built a bond that I hope will flourish in the years to come.  Meet an aquisition I’ve dubbed “Remembrance of Tess.”

Cameos, meandering vines, and pretty poses juxtaposed upon a background of pink loveliness.

This fabric spoke to me the moment I saw it.  If you love it too then you are out of luck.  I brought the remainder of the bolt home with me.

Now what to make?  I picked up a few new patterns:  Simplicity 4232 contains instructions to create a unique ietm that combines organization, fun, and recycling.  Here is prototype #1:

An ice cream pail, some pretty fabric, and a little ingenuity combine to make a trash item into an organizational treasure. What would you fill yours with?

Thanks for checking in!  I’m off to allow my new finds speak to me and tell me just what they want to be.  Be sure to pop in again and I’m most positive there’ll be more tales and photos of new adventures and tales from the sewing room!

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  1. June 17, 2010 11:15 pm

    Great finds! And yes, monsoon season is not one you would expect here in Saskatchewan!

    • June 18, 2010 9:51 am

      Thanks, Sharon. By the way, Fabricland is having one great sale. I highly recommend checking it out!

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