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A Harlot, a friendly (& official) stalker, and Benadictine Monks…who knew?

June 1, 2010

A remembrance of 2009.  What were we doing in June 2009?  Who were we doing it with?  What were we stitches.  The stitches flew and no one was hurt.  Read on to remember June 2009 or to learn a little more about us…

June 7, 2009

Every come across one of those moments in your personal history where the combination of events was helped along by the fates? Well, I did. On Saturday June 6, 2009 I hit the highway with my daughter and one of the ‘bestest’ friends a gal could have (Melistress, can you make room for my new BFF, Stephanie?).

6:30 am: The three merry knitters of Saskatoon hit the highway.
8:00 am: The three merry knitters excitedly awaited their opportunity to meet with the Harlot.
8:30 am: Merry knitter #1, and the Harlots new BFF, set up and commenced introductions.
“Stephanie, I would like you to meet your own personal and official stalker, Melissa. Oh, and by the way could sign ALL of my books with the most beautiful pen you’ll ever lay your fingers on?” said I.
9:00 am – 4 pm: Learning with the Harlot. Who knew such godly and useful advice would be doled out with the patience and perseverance of a saint?
7:30 pm: An enlightening speech delivered eloquently by the Harlot. Who knew science and knitting could be a giggle inducer?
9:00 pm: We travelled home and couldn’t stop talking about the excitement of the day.

And the frivolity began. A beautiful day was had by all. My dreams came true. My inner writer and collector satisfied. My need for learning satiated. I can die happy.

Thank you, Steph (you don’t mind my familiarity, do you? After all, we are BFF’s now, right?) for a beautiful experience.

I thought I’d post a tiny memento from the festivities in Meunster, SK. Who knew a bunch of knitters, a few Monks, a Harlot, and a whole lot of sticks and string would blend so nicely together?

Yarn Harlot_June_6_2009_Meunster 004
Yes, Kate, that IS the Harlot signing my books with a quality pen. No Ugly and Sad or demented pens in this crowd! The pen is a pink Aurora fountain pen and one of my prides. Thanks, Stephanie for indulging my obsessions! Did I mention she signed ALL of my books and with MY favourite pen. Oh my!

Yarn Harlot_June_6_2009_Meunster 018

Meeting our Knitterly Idol. Where is the Harlot’s hand knit sweater? Well, since SHE does read Melistress’s blog and since said blog announced that Heh Teach would compliment Melistress’s beauty the Harlot graciously left hers in her suitcase. My Decimal and I were quite happy to this close to fame!

I debuted the completed Decimal at Saskatchewan Stitchers Conference 2009 and received many looks, a few feels of the fibre, and more compliments than I can remember. I agree, it is a beautiful summer cardigan. It hasn’t disappointed me yet and I’m sure it will remain a part of my wardrobe for years to come.

Let me say this, the Harlot (my new BFF, not SOUL MATE – that would be Melistress’s claim) is a very kind and indulgent celebrity. (Yes, Stephanie, you are a celeb. since you’ve your own personal stalker and all that). She fielded our queries with a smile. She shared her knowledge and love of a craft that really isn’t as old as the ages as we originally thought (many thanks to that Islamic guy wishing for a little extra warmth a thousand years ago for coming up with a combination of sticks and string resulting in loops and laughs). She signed all my books, TOTALLY denied any thoughts of calling the RCMP – you know the stalker reference and all that, patiently led us down a path to more productive knitting, and gave us a smile or two along the way.

A FANTABULOUS day! I’m getting ready to head out to Winnipeg for the week, so I’ll leave you with one more sight that left most of us breathless. It is the view as you leave the main doors of the Abbey…breathtaking…

Yarn Harlot_June_6_2009_Meunster 028

A heavenly end to a spectacular day. Who knew?

More pictures and anecdotes to follow…

If I took your photo and you would enjoy a copy, please send me an email and I’ll forward it onto you!

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