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Spring clean, knit, clean, plant…

April 13, 2010

Admittedly, knitting has indeed taken a back seat to other obsessions pursuits as of late.  Spring has arrived on the prairie.  Along with it a stint of beautifully warm weather perfect for digging in the dirt.  It was short lived and Mother Nature decided to give us a belated April fool.  Over the weekend snow covered our ground and made it impossible to continue on with building beds.  Did my attention return to knitting?

Well…sort of.  I spent some time, at the insistence of my best best knitterly gal pal Melistress, and perused the Knit Picks website.  Mel was in need of some more yarn to complete her Rosalind.  It is a beautiful purple type colour that will compliment her superbly.  What is the logical thing to do when one needs to mail order yarn?  Why, call a friend (who is on a yarn diet, by the way) and convince said friend to combine an order.  Thanks, Mel (and I sincerely mean this for without her urging I would still be on a yarn diet)!  Three sweaters worth of yarn, Mel’s few balls (about $12 worth of the order), and a few must have trinkets later the order was placed, filed, and shipped.  I am expecting arrival of the wares later this week (fingers crossed everyone).

What to do in the mean time?  Any self respecting knitter would start a few new projects, wouldn’t they?  Not me.  I am saving myself for Bombshell (Ravelry Link) (Big Girl Knits), Pastille (Ravelry Link) (More Big Girl Knits), and Rogue (Ravelry Link) (published on The Girl From Auntie Website).  Shine Worsted, in Wisteria, is the perfect yarn for Bombshell.  While Comfy Sport yarn, in Whisker and Planetarium, will interplay forming the fabric of Pastille.  Swish Superwash, in Lava Heather, will create Rogue — which will be gifted to someone very special in my life (shhhhhh it is a secret!).  As a treat to myself, I added a Wire yarn stranding guide that slips over the index finger and a two mini sock blocker kit key chains to my order — these are the cutest little things.  Have I mentioned lately that I absolutely adore Knit Picks?

As you can see, I have a few projects that will need attention and it will be difficult to decide which one is most deserving.  Therefore, I have resolved  not to start anything new unless I can be certain of completing it before the arrival of my Knit Picks order.  I could have done socks.  I could have cast on a pair of mittens.  I could have cast on a scarf.  I could have cast on a number of projects that would meet this criteria.  But, alas, another addiction activity took hold.

It is spring and along with it comes spring cleaning.  Yes, I do consider this an addiction as I enjoy a home with a little sparkle and shine.  I, in fact, need order to feel productive.  A messy house is definitely a sign of a messy mind (at least mine).  In order to knit, write, work, relax, etc. I seem to need a semblance of order.  With order comes cleanliness.  I realized that my supply of cleaning solutions was a bit on the low side.  I set to work replenishing the supply with simple concoctions made from tea tree oil, vinegar, water, a spritzer of cool tea, some lemon, and baking soda.  This is all one needs to accomplish any cleaning task around the house.  A little extra power can be added with a steamer as well.

Once my supplies were filled, and with rags in hand, I set to work around the inside of house.  No corner was left unpolished (did I mention that olive oil and a splash of vinegar combine to create a superb wood cleanser / polish?  Cold tea (yes, the drinking type) will also do the trick – but only on dark wood).  I scoured through the weekend and onto Nirvana and was once again a happy home owner.  Windows shine. Floors are streak free. Bathrooms glisten. Railings are oil free. Furniture gleams to a shine that will reflect a smile.  One might almost need a set of sun glasses to survive…almost 🙂

About 15 years worth of neglect plagued these blasts from my children's pasts. In 20 minutes they shone again.

About 15 years worth of neglect plagued these blasts from my children's pasts. In 20 minutes they shone again.

Yes, I have relied on home made, eco-friendly, and purse pleasing cleaners for a lot of years now.  They are non-toxic.  The tea tree oil adds a clean scent and anti-fungul and anti-bacterial properties to a simple vinegar and water solution that will bring a sparkle to anything.  For glass and windows I rely on a vinegar / water solution or plain earl grey tea.  Give it a try…you will be amazed.  Here are a few recipes for Non toxic cleaners (from Care 2 Make a Difference) to concoct your own cleaning arsenal.  For more tips and tricks…stay tuned…

For the remainder of the week, until my Knit Picks order arrives, I shall continue working away on my writing.  If I can get enough accomplished on a few projects I can take a well-deserving knitterly break while dreaming of the planting that will surely happen sooner than later.

Until then, my knitterly friends, happy stitching and may your houses sparkle…

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