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A detour from socks … Filigree

January 27, 2010

Knitted lace:  the joys; the trials; the frustration; the challenge; and the triumphs.  I am new to knitted lace.  In fact, Filigree is the first, other than socks, project that I’ve attempted with this technique.  I am experiencing multiple challenges but perseverance is paying off.

I chose Filigree as my first project.  Even though the instructions note an intermediate level, I am working through the intricate lace patterning.  Eventually I’ll end up (hopefully) with a wrap that drapes the shoulders and shows off knitterly skill and wows knitters and non-knitters alike.

Eventually I’ll have this:

Pattern available thorugh Annie's Attic

Filigree Shawl

But, for now, I have this:

First block of Filigree.

First block nearly done.

The wrap is constructed in three stages or blocks.  Each block consists of a centre square, an outer edge column, two bordering columns, a centre column that connects the middle (or back) block to each of the two side blocks.  Corners are knit once the block is complete.  The components are stitched together as one knits along and (jump for joy now) this means that there is no seaming.  Interestingly enough, this (insert happy dance) also means no binding off until the very last stitch is stitched.

When I first cast this project onto the needles back in May of 2009 I was intimidated.  The amount of knitting involved was daunting to say the least.  I cast on anyway.  As I’ve been working through the pattern one stage at a time the daunting feeling has been replaced with elation.  I am seeing progress (even though this project sat in the WIP (work in progress) basket for a number of months).

The yarn is fine, the needles are tiny, and the guage is small.  However, there is enough stockinette in this project to keep one’s confidence level up and it is an easy one to tackle in stages.  Not bad for a first shawl / wrap.  I highly recommend it to anyone interested in creating a unique wardrobe accessory that can easily move from office to evening.

Thanks for checking out the progress!

Happy stitching.


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