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My right foot is jealous…

December 12, 2009

The first of the Antioch sock pair is off the needles and toasting my left tootsie! Good thing too as we are having a bit of a chilly time here in Saskatoon (-34 with a windchill warning that makes things feel like about -50 or so). Yes, my friends, Jack Frost and Mother Nature conspired to freeze us out!!

Instead of heading for warmer climates, what does a true knitter do? We make warm woolies out of sharp pointy sticks and string. My project of choice is, of course, socks. Antioch is the latest to come off the needles…

Antioch is a kit from Red Bird Knits. The Wool is warm and soft. The colour work with varigated yarn creates an interesting yet traditional pattern as the colours change while the pattern is highlighted by a silver/grey background yarn.

I love the process; I love the yarn; I’d love to see you give it a try!

Stay warm and toasty…off to cast on the second sock as my right foot is complaining that it is chilly too.


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