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Socks, just socks…

December 11, 2009

There are many things we can knit. We can knit scarves, cardigans, pull overs, etc. All are warm and woolly and beautifully stitched with love.


Gifted socks.

Lately I’ve been on a sock jag. I love knitting socks. I love wearing socks. I like giving new techniques a try by knitting it into a sock. Colour work, lace, cables, stranding, intarsia, duplicate stitched patterns, etc. are all easily done within the compact sock project.

Knitting at home socks.

Knitting at home socks (a bit more complicated so it is resting by my couch and gets my attention while watching TV)

Socks are quick and easy and always at hand in my knitterly stash. I have a sock in my desk drawer in the office. It sits and awaits my attention. When I’m blocked or when I just need a break I knit a few rounds. Just a few rounds to take the edge off the knitterly withdrawl.

I tend to attribute my “blocks” when writing to not having knit enough. Knitting gets the creative juices flowing and eases the block. Knitterly withdrawal is often accompanied by thoughts of needles and yarn resting comfortably in my hands. Yes, just a few rounds takes the edge off and that is why I keep a simple sock in my desk drawer.

Knitting at work (just a round or two to take the edge off)

I knit socks while watching TV. I knit socks while traveling. I knit socks when visiting. I break from the duldrum of every day work by knitting a few rounds of a sock. One lives in my knitting bag, which is easily transported throughout the day.

Yes, my friends, I love knitting socks.

Vain Vanilla

What is your favourite type of knitterly project?

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