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Knitting and more knitting…

December 6, 2009

Yes, we’ve been knitting. Now that the house is decked out in Christmas cheer, I’ve returned to the yarn and needles. I’ve some FOs (finished objects) to show you.

First, I began a pair of plain vanilla socks during our Holiday Celebration on November 27, 2009. I dug into the bottom of the sock yarn stash and pulled out a random ball of fingering weight yarn and set to casting on a simple and plain vanilla sock. Once again the ball elusive ball band has run away (I am beginning to think that the stash is hungry and ate it.)

Vain Vanilla

Vain Vanilla

The colourway knit up nicely. The heathered pink and white yarn is speckled with blues and purples that create a beautiful and interesting patterning to the finished knitted fabric. These little gems are now keeping my toes warm. If you have any idea on what this yarn could be, please send it along.

I am a firm believer in the life of a stash of yarn. Now, you might be thinking, that sock yarn doesn’t count as stash. You are right. However, when you get a number of tiny little 50 gram balls and skeins together, they multiply. They take on a life of their own. The stash needs to be fed while it grows. It is my belief that if it is not fed properly (adding new balls / skeins to the stash on a regular basis) it begins to feed on the lesser components. Ball bands do not have a chance. They are the first to go. This leaves the knitter in a bit of a conundrum as we cannot tell exactly what the yarn is. Does this stop us? Of course not, the yarn is knit into cozy and warm items regardless of the missing ball bands. LESSON LEARNED: Feed stash regularly through purchases online and at the LYS (local yarn store) to ensure that all parts (including ball bands) are safe and confusion avoided.

I’ve found a moment or two to continue to cast on anew. Anitoch was the March 2009 sock of the month club offering from Red Bird Knits. Antioch was an ancient city on the eastern side of the Orontes River. It is near the modern city of Antakya, Turkey. This sock is aptly named after this city.

Antioch in progress.

Antioch in progress.

The colour changes are subtle as the alternate yarn is a self patterning yarn, which pairs nicely with the silver grey background colour. Colour work is made both interesting and fun when using a self patterning or hand painted alternate yarn. The pattern itself is discernible and gently blends into the back ground colour. This is an easy pattern that colour work lovers everywhere will enjoy. It is knitting up faster than I expected.

Jeanette has been busy as well. Did you know that knitting can be a school project? I did and so did she. Jeanette loves Smarties. When it came time to design a business for her entrepreneurial class, Jeanette knew just what to do: Design her own Smartie flavoured accessory.

The primary colours and easily shaped ellipses of the logo and box design lend themselves nicely to knitting. With a little computer savvy, an eagerness to learn, and tenacious drive to work through a project my darling daughter (DD) has set to work on creating a knitted version of the Smartie box.

Jeanette's Smartie Blanket in progress.

Jeanette's Smartie Blanket in progress.

The process? All you need is an empty Smartie box, a scanner, and Knit Pro. Jeanette used the online version of Knit Pro to develop the graph and then set to work knitting up the piece. The yarn is Red Heart (available at your local Michael’s and Walmart). Stay tuned for further photos and progress updates.

The Knit Pro Web Application is easy to use. Any image (jpg, png, etc.) can be uploaded and in a few moments you are provided with a graphical representation. You choose the type of graph (knitting, crocheting, cross stitching) and then the size (small, medium, large). I’ve done it with my logo from work (and created a baby sweater for a co-worker), and now Jeanette is knitting up Smartie flavoured knit projects.

Stay tuned for more holiday knitting updates. In the mean time, happy stitching everyone!

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