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What has the internet done for you lately?

November 24, 2009

You are a knitter, right? A lover of yarn? A little hooped over loops? A bit knutty (I realize this isn’t a “real” word yet, but if William Shakespeare could invent words, then why can’t a knitter?) over knitting? If you answer yes to any of the above (and I know you will) have you wondered just what the internet has done for you lately?

The internet is a treasure trove of endless information, tales, and advertisements. But the one aspect of the internet that continues to amaze me is the ability to connect like minded individuals. It virtually melts the miles and unsuspecting souls across the globe and come together to form relationships that are often life long and binding. It is something like knitting, isn’t it?

Knitting has often been the common bind between individuals who otherwise wouldn’t have discovered one another. Because of a love of all things yarn seemingly opposite individuals come together and form lifelong relationships. It all began with a couple of pointy sticks and string!

The same can be said for the internet. People of all creeds and interests find themselves forming and nurturing bonds over like interests, which are too numerous to mention here. Knitters are no different. Our love of yarn leads us to virtual destinations where we can share our thoughts, our wisdom, and our love of yarn (yes, it is indeed all about the yarn).

Looking for an example? Knitters form communities wherever they find another knitter. Coffee shops around the globe host “Knit and Knatters.” We collect in yarn shops. Yes, we have found homes all over the internet too. Ravelry (you can find me, saskatoonstitcher, on Ravelry) is a prime example of such a collective. It is often referred as Facebook for Knitters with ways to share, track, locate, etc. projects, yarn, knitting notions and tools, etc. Knit Picks, a vendor of choice for many a knitter, also offers a community for knitters. Tutorials, FAQs, etc. can be found with a mere click of the mouse.

Lister serves have popped up all over the internet. Would you like to knit the pieces shown off in the Harry Potter series of movies? Would you like to learn more about knitting from the ground up? Care to become part of a local “knit and knatter?” Are you all about knitting socks? Just search knitting on Yahoo Groups and see what pops up. A plethora of knitting groups will greet you and welcome you with open arms.

The internet has brought the world wide knitting community a little closer to one another. It provides us with a way to communicate with one another. Knit blogs are a dime a dozen. Blogging has become a phenomenon that every one with a little something to say can participate in. Blogging, though, has brought the world of knitting into every home. Do you blog? Do you follow the blog of a knitterly idol (The Yarn Harlot, perhaps?)? Or maybe you follow an insightful knitter like Melistress, who provides you a little giggle with your morning coffee? Yes, the internet offers us a way to connect with famous designers, local visionaries, and even our favourite knitterly idol.

Yes, knitting is the bond that binds us. The internet is the ball winder that creates brilliantly coloured skeins of friendships with dots of useful tidbits and unique personalities that create the tweed fabric that we call life.

Where do you live on the internet? Do you have a favourite community? Is there a mail order yarn store that you frequent? Are you reading any favourite knitting blogs? Where do you go first for inspiration, patterns, or help?

Please post your favourite links in the comments. Lets come together and see if we can connect each of our communities with one another!

Happy Stitching!

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