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September 24, 2009

Moving day is upon us. Chaos is not a sufficient word to describe what is going on in this house at the moment. Nothing like moving up the schedule to send us (okay maybe just me) over the edge!

I’ve hired a moving company, Ray’s Moving & Storage, to move our stuff into our new home. Movers are the only way to accomplish the job. We have a lot of big furniture and quite a lot of stuff hanging around. For years now I have not moved without the aid of movers and I have great respect and love for these young gentleman and their muscles. They are organized, quick, and make short work of moving.

The moving company called yesterday and inquired if they could do some loading today. Yes, this is ahead of schedule. (Deep breath…) They will load the basement at noon today and then come back tomorrow (Friday) and load the upstairs at 8:30 am. This makes a lot of sense as they then won’t have to work so hard on Friday to accomplish everything in one day. I suspect the entire loading process may be around 6 hours and the unloading (which is much quicker) will be around 4 hours.

I find myself asking the question: Why do we have so much stuff!?! I’ve purged a lot of our unused and unwanted items. I filled several back ally bins, I donated a truck full of clothing to charity, I rid my house of gently used electronics and furniture, and took other more than gently used items to the dump. I’m still left with many many boxes of stuff.

By 1 pm tomorrow afternoon my possessions ought to be on their way to our new house. By tomorrow evening I’ll be sitting on my couch in my new living room. Tomorrow night will see us spend our first night in our new bedroom. There will be lots of unpacking to accomplish, but this is the least stressful aspect of moving. I actually enjoy this part of the move as everything seems new again. I will think about where they will live and no doubt decide that some items just don’t work and create a shopping list of new items needed to truly make our house a home.

We are in very good shape as far as packing progress goes. We are almost at the end of the chaos. After loading tomorrow all that will remain in this house is to clean it up and prepare for the next renter to take possession. Thanks to Melissa, the best knitterly friend a girl can have, the cleaning ought to be finished by Sunday afternoon. I will give a wave goodbye to my first Saskatoon home and a big hello to what I hope to be our forever house (this point is still under discussion, but that is a conversation for another blog).

As for knitting, well it is put on hold at the moment. I have my current projects tucked away in my knitting bag, some in my working bag, and the rest is boxed and awaiting transport. Rosalind and Feste are excited to see the new house!

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