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September 16, 2009

What’s life without challenges? They are around every corner and meet us at each cross road we reach. In my case buying a house and moving in a short period of time has been fraught with challenges. If I never have another busy day filled with tape and boxes and chaos I shall leave this planet a happy soul.

I think I might have mentioned that I do not enjoy any part of the moving process. I have moved, in my opinion, far too many times in my life. I moved from my parents home to an apartment when I graduated high school. I moved from that apartment to another when my sister graduated high school and we shared our living space. I moved again when I married. I moved again when I divorced and several more times over the course of five years. In 2005 I moved my sister out of province and myself and child to another city. Now I am moving again.

I find myself enjoying the occasional fleeting moment of excitement as this moving day approaches. It is the grown up house that my husband and I will share and build our life within. I have the photos set as my screen saver on my home and work computers and find my eyes watching them fade in and out. With each passing snap my mind’s eye has begun to see the placement of my own furnishings. My imagination ignites at the occasional glimpse into the future of my new garden. My thoughts turn to evenings spent laughing with friends and family while enjoying an expertly prepared meal drizzled with love and affection. These moments are becoming more frequent as the calendar pages flip and we move through the remaining days.

The packing of stuff is filling more hours of each day. My loves are carefully stored in boxes and stacked in corners awaiting the careful hands of the movers to transport them to their new home. I anxiously await the moment when the last box is stowed onto the moving truck and unloaded into the waiting rooms of our new home.

Moving is chaos and chaos is to me as kryptonite was to Superman and as the heel was to Achilles. It seemingly paralyzes my otherwise even tempered flow of life. My comfort zone comes from order. Change on a massive scale is not fun to me and I do not thrive. I thrive and gain strength from knowing that I can find my favourite volumes and knowing where my treasures are. The chaos created by this move has left me with vulnerability where organization formerly provided stability. I find my family asking for items and the only reply can be “I packed it.” Yes, only eight days remain of the chaos and I am very much looking forward to regaining some semblance of order and clarity to replace the chaos that is my world.

I am very much looking forward to the day when I can answer a query with the words “I packed it” in the response. Wish me luck and if you have a free moment or two feel free to pop by and pack a box.

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