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Moving along

September 13, 2009

Things are progressing. The move day is approaching. My knitterly comforts are packed away in boxes. My books are awaiting the move. As the days pass me by I wonder if it really is natural to itch and twitch when I don’t have immediate access to my skeins, my books, my pretties, and other knitterly notions. Only 10 more days to go and then I can unpack my pretties and love them and caress them and make up for the time we’ve lost.


My baby, Jeanette, turned 17 on September 3. Where has the time gone? I’m so very proud of my gal. She’s beautiful, accomplished, and intelligent.

Jeanette is 17 and has great hair!

Jeanette is 17 and has great hair!

My sister has been here for two weeks or so. She has been a wonderful distraction to keep my withdrawal (oh, my poor little pretties all packed away … how am I supposed to caress and love them? Do they miss me as much as I miss them?) thoughts well in hand. We’ve reminiced. We’ve celebrated Jeanette’s 17th birthday. We’ve shopped (and even found matching PJs!). We’ve enjoyed each other’s company so much. She will soon be on a plane and headed home to Brooks, AB. And that means the move is even closer.

Shannon & Jeanette in their matchy matchy PJs

Shannon & Jeanette in their matchy matchy PJs

In between all the fits of spontanious laughter, the bad pain days (BPDs) and the packing of stuff into boxes I’ve found time to dedicate to my Rosalind and my Feste. Rosalind, as you recall, is a beautiful short sleeved cardigan with intricate lace on the body and a simple garter stitch diamond pattern for the bodice. I used a beautiful blue that is reminiscient of Shakespearian times.

Every Way Wrap (aka FESTE)

Every Way Wrap (aka FESTE)

Feste (aka Every Way Wrap from the fall issue of Interweave Knits) has also received my attentions. Feste is a hired and domestic fool for Olivia. He is referred to as “an allowed fool,” “a set fool,” and “the jester, that the Lady Olivia’s father took much delight in.” Feste claims that he wears “not motley” in his brain, so even though he dresses the part of the fool, he is not an idiot, and can see through the other characters. Feste plays an intricate role in Twelfth Night or What you Will, one of my favourite Shakepearian plays. Of course, the Every Way Wrap, is indeed in honour of Feste. It can change its role by becoming a shawl, a mock cardigan, or an oversized scarf.

My order of Malabrigo arrived. Chaos kept me from being able to create the beautiful centre pull balls that are conducive to expert knitting. My ball winder was accessible but my swift was not. What to do. Knitters, as you well know, are blessed with a creative spirit and come up with ingenious solutions to nearly every problem. And I did. My nephews were just sitting around watching foot ball on the TV so I put them to work. Both my nephews were eager to aid me in my quest. They enjoyed the quality time that we spent together…

Michael makes a great swift.

Michael makes a great swift.

Christopher makes a fabulous yarn swift.

Christopher makes a fabulous yarn swift.

All in all it has been a fabulous two weeks. Family fun is a great way to stave off the itches and twitches of no acces to my pretties. Soon, my knitterly pets, I will once again be able to feel your luscious strands flow through my fingers. In the mean time, I have my Malabrigo and Feste to keep me from going over the edge.

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