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Progressing on all fronts…

September 7, 2009

The war is being fought. With each round stitched, another cache of dust bunnies quashed, and a few more corners packed away in boxes we are inching towards another FO (finished object), cleaner dust free corners, and the impending move.

In between packing boxes I’ve been able to complete the left front panel of Rosalind. the right front is now well underway. All that will remain are the sleeves and the button / neck band and I shall be sporting another FO that is reminiscent of Shakespearean times.

Rosalind is now taking a much needed rest in favour of another forgotten beauty in progress. In January I began one of my Sock of the Month club deliveries: Curlicue by Robyn Gillmore of Red Bird Knits. Robyn’s designs are always challenging and she seems to be able to read my mind with each shipment. This club is my favourite for several reasons.
1. Robyn is Canadian…enough said.
2. She incorporates one of my favourite techniques into each sock design – colourwork.
3. She designs her socks with enough challenge to keep things interesting.
4. Her contemporary designs are timeless and several have become part of my go to gift stash.
5. The yarns are high quality and the patterns well thought out. (Curlicue is made from Lana Grossa Cashmere blend – YUMMMMM!)

Curliecue:  Design by Robyn Gillmore / photo by Bonnie Zink.

Curliecue: Design by Robyn Gillmore / photo by Bonnie Zink.

What about the packing? Well it is coming along and I finally feel like some progress is being made. Closets have been culled, kitchen stores and stashes of food stuffs are reduced, stuff in general has been sorted and purged and finally packed.

Moving, as you might know, is NOT one of my favourite tasks in life. I do not enjoy any part of the process and I won’t feel settled until the movers deliver my furniture and boxes and things are unpacked thus quelling the chaos that lurks in every corner.

The kitchen pile is growing.

The kitchen pile is growing.

I’ve been cleaning as we go. Finding the dust bunny hide outs has been an illuminating experience. They, apparently hide everywhere. How glad am I that I’ve invested in my little Steam Shot Bissell now? VERY!!!!!

With only 18 days until the movers come, things are a bit hurried around here. In the quiet moments I will look around and take stock. I get a thrill that there seems to be progress but it is punctuated with heightened panic as each day passes. 18 days! and the countdown continues.

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