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Surviving the curves in life…

August 5, 2009

The journey through life is certainly not a straight line. This road is riddled with curves, some are gracious and easy to maneuver and others are sharp and inject the unexpected into our world.

So how do we get through those sharp and often jagged twists and turns along our journey in life? I, for one, knit. I knit through the traumas. I knit through the highs. I knit through what can seem like insurmountable challenges. No matter what the journey of life has to offer, I knit through it.

I am the mom of two very different teenagers. Each are unique in the challenges they have to offer. Both are unique in the joys they bring to my world. The one common thread that binds them is the fact that I have knit through the milestones in their life. I have dealt with the stress of sickness, through the havoc of a runaway teen, through the joy of graduations, and now through rejoicing over entering university and becoming young adults. My common thread through all of this has been my love of yarn and sticks and the creation of something that is unique to my own sense of productivity. Yes, even through the trials and most certainly through tribulations of raising two teenage daughters and bringing them into adulthood.

Children bring us much grief and even more joy, but they are not the only challenges in life. I have knit through the stress of being a single Mom only to become one half of a unit (the other 1/2 being my current husband). We met during trying times in my world, we journeyed through life together and became a couple bound by marriage. Yes, indeed, we’ve made through a number of milestones and challenges and are now ready for more. With him by side and knitting in my purse I am sure I can handle almost anything.

What am I knitting these days? I have oodles of projects on the needles, but am looking forward to my next project. I have decided to cast on a sweater for my eldest daughter (otherwise known as “the other one”) to celebrate the renewal of our relationship. She spent a week in our home recently and saw her sister’s love of yarn and the commonality we share over needles and string. Out of the blue she asked to cast on something small. After rooting through my stash she found some yarn and a pattern that suited her yearning to create something. It was one of those moments that goes down in a Mother’s historical memory as an achievement filled with love and pride.

She knit and I knit and her sister knit. We knit together and laughed and talked and remembered their childhood memories. Our creative spirits flowed and wove through our hearts as our hands manipulated the string into stitches that flowed into a fabric that would forever house the memory of that moment. The very next day my eldest became excited over the possibilities of knitting and the hunt for a nice sweater began.

She decided on colour and chose a youthful pattern that will certainly flatter her young figure. Now it is up to me to find a most special yarn to cast on. I will use my new Knit Picks straights on this inaugural project and lever knit my way through to providing my eldest with the love and warmth that only a hand knit sweater can provide.

As I stitch I will remember the hugs of a young 2 year old. As I stitch I will tear from the happiness that only a daughter can truly bring to her Mother. As I stitch I will ponder the future and how she will navigate her way through her own journey of life. She will surely make different choices than I and end up in a different place than I. She will, I hope, learn from mistakes. As she wraps herself in the sweater that will come off my needles I hope she will remember the years of laughter, life, and tears that formed the heart strings that will always bring us close no matter where she ends up in the world.

Chevelle (right) & Jeanette (left) awaiting their burgers in Fudruckers (Saskatoon)

Chevelle (right) & Jeanette (left) awaiting their burgers in Fudruckers (Saskatoon)

Notice my expert Kinnearing skills in action (photo taken without their knowledge with my cellphone).

Now off to stitching. I am praying to the Postal Gods that they can convince the Customs Fairies to release my Knit Picks order. My new Harmony straights and some Shine Sport are in that package and I need to set to stitching in order to cement the bond between my child and myself. Such important work cannot be placed on a shelf. Stitches need to flow!

Happy Stitching everyone!

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  1. melistress permalink
    August 5, 2009 10:25 am

    Hopefully the Postal Gods smile on you today. And me too! lol

    • bonniezink permalink*
      August 5, 2009 10:37 am

      Indeed! From your keyboard to the gods eyes. I sit by my window and watch intently for the postal truck to drive up and stop. They’ve been teasing me as of late as they slow down a bit, but keep going. Or they stop and walk up to a neighbour’s door and not mine. Oh the frustration! Maybe today my dream will be realised 🙂

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