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The Great Saskatoon Penguin Roundup …

July 12, 2009

We filled the back room of MacKenzie Coles Coffee with long time members, new faces, and much stitching. It reminded me of last summer when stitchers surrounded the tables, needles clicked, and FOs were plentiful. July 14, 2008 was an exciting time.

We stitched bags, BSJs (Baby surprise jacket), little booties, berry hats, and a host of other items. But the best memory was of the Frog Queen herself in action:

FOs flew from our needles:

SKC_July_14_2008 007

The unhealthy sock was fit for an elephant!

SKC_July_14_2008 006

A jewel of a felted purse.

SKC_July_14_2008 004
SKC_July_14_2008 003
SKC_July_14_2008 002

Melissa’s first BSJ ensemble – complete with berry hat and booties.

This year, we welcomed a few new stitchers. We are preparing to bid farewell to Kate as she has chosen to move to Calgary. Speaking of which, she enlightened us as to just how well appreciated we all are. SnB groups in Calgary just don’t have the same twisted perceptions as we do here in Saskatoon. Instead of inviting politicians to SnB along with us, Calgarians seem to prefer to discuss wedding plans and the like. Well Kate, we’ll miss you too!

SKC 001

We moved around the table and introduced ourselves to our new friends. And we enlightened our new friends as to the status of life in Saskatoon. Why would we discuss penguins in July, you might ask? Well, according to Melissa, each and every year when the penguins migrate south they move through Saskatoon. As you might recall, penguins are flightless birds and as such must walk through our downtown. Imagine the traffic hassles this might cause! So, Saskatoonians enjoy rounding them up during the dead of winter. Sounds good to me. However, the only ones that seem to believe this enjoyable yarn tale are those from Texas. Hmmmm…it must be in the water. Only time will tell.

SKC 004

Welcome Elizabeth and friend and welcome back Kelsey! That sweater is coming along nicely.

In other exciting news, our very own Christine showed off a rock that could choke a horse. The first member to enjoy the benefits of official bling

SKC 002

Congrats on the engagement, and congrats on finishing up the last of the Harry Potter scarves!

SKC 003

Jeanette, Shakthi, and Christine stitching and giggling.

All in all, a good day!

Happy Stitching.

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  1. melistress permalink
    July 14, 2009 3:55 pm

    That WAS an unhealthy sock. Hagrid’s sock. I love how much fun Jan had helping me. Thanks for the nostalgic good laugh.

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