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Hey Teach!

June 28, 2009

A beautiful sweater! Melistress completed her version of Hey Teach just in time to meet the Yarn Harlot in Muenster, Saskatchewan in early June. The occasion, as you know, was to meet our knitterly idol, and Melistres’s SOUL MATE (of course), in Muenster, Saskatchewan.

Yarn Harlot_June_6_2009_Meunster 001

Melistress, locked herself in her bedroom one day and completed her version in a beautiful eggplant / purple. I am in love with the colour and the yarn. Misty International Pima Cotton and Silk (this is a Ravelry link) is a blend that results in softness that is addictive. The cotton / silk create a lush yarn that is addictive to work with and a joy to wear. I spent the day petting my dear knitterly friend and decided that I too needed to give this yarn a home within my knitterly wardrobe.

Off I went to the LYS and horded most of the blush pink colourway in stock. It didn’t take me long to decide that Hey Teach needed to be my sweater too. The bodice is an easy and quick lace pattern and the lower portion of the body is straight stockinette. What better project to practice my new skills on?
Stephanie Pearl-McFee taught us how to knit for speed and efficiency and I was eager to give it a go.

After a few rows of stockinette my muscle memory began to form. By the time I finished the back piece, I was picking up speed. Once the front panels were complete, my confidence rose. By the time I completed the arms, neck, button placket, and button band I felt as if I could use this technique on future project with a much higher level of difficulty.

Hey Teach 001

A close up of the lace patterning and buttons. The buttons have lived in my stash for over 15 years. I picked them up during my Sales Consultant Days at Fabricland. During inventory (where I counted each and EVERY single button) I fell in love with these beauties. They are from Domcord Belding (H2005). They have a unique pearl type face, outlined in gold tone that has swirls of green, ivory, and pink / peach tones. They seemed to fit the yarn beautifully. I’m so glad I finally found a home for them.)

Hey Teach 002

The project was complete in a few weeks. I am in love with this summer time sweater. I did make a few modifications to the pattern, though. I added two inches in length to the stockinette portion. Should I make this one again I would also add a couple more repeats below the arm in the lace portion of the bodice. The large size seems to fit alright, but a bit more length would definitely make me feel more comfortable. However, I can live with this result.

The most significant modification I would make to this garment (the summer version) would be to knit it as a pullover instead of a cardigan. I just may do this next time round. For now, though, I seemed the placket and button band together and created a mock cardigan look to it. It is definitely an improved and more comfortable fit for me.

Levering my way through this sweater was a great experience. I’m happy with the end product and plan to cast on a winter version with long sleeves. A little searching and I’ve found an innovative knitter who has already done the calculations!I have some kettle dyed Knit Picks yarn just waiting to become another beauty.

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