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More adventures in Winnipeg…

June 11, 2009

Vanilla Sock_CPHA 001

The vanilla sock and I are glad to be home!  Very glad to be home.  Even though hotels come with built in maid service and all the little luxeries that we don’t have at home, trips are exhausting.  We were kept busy and the sock enjoyed the sights.  This is the sock enjoying the view from the hotel room.

Funny thing:  shortly after this photo was snapped two Winnipegers decided to play at some fisty cuffs.  The police came by and took them away.  Vanilla and I were glad to watch the show from the fifth floor.

Vanilla Sock_CPHA 002Another view from the balcony.  Downtown Winnipeg is very pretty.  Vanilla and I spent a lot of time out there.

Vanilla Sock_CPHA 004Yes, I knit during sessions.  I listen and knit.  It is not any different than doodling or typing messages on a crack blackberry.  Other participants find all sorts of things to do during the flashing of slides on a big screen as the presenter extolls the virtues of this, warns of the pitfalls of that, and concludes an hour later.  Yes, I knit during sessions.

Why do I knit during sessions, conference calls, and other meetings?  It keeps me sane.  I’m the type who cannot sit idle.  My hands need to be busy else I slowly descend into the depths of boredom.  No one wants that!  Knitting is a great way to keep my creative self occupy while my intellectual side processes the information.  I don’t knit when I really need to pay attention, though.

Another tid bit from the Harlot visit:

Yarn Harlot_June_6_2009_Meunster 006My attempt at self-kinnearing.  I am on the left and my favourite yarn shop owner, Charlene, is on the right.  Don’t we look fab?

Each year, the organizers of the conference take group photos.  Photos of classes and instructors, photos of the days participants on the green in the courtyard of the Abbey, photos of projects, etc. – lots and lots of photos were taken.  We were patiently waiting for one more group to arrive and I decided to try my hand at a self-portrait with my gal, owner of Prairie Lily Needlework.

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