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The best advice … courtesy of the Yarn Harlot

June 9, 2009

I laboured and fretted while readying to jet off to Winnipeg, Manitoba this past week.  I’m in attendance at the Canadian Public Health Association’s Annual Conference.  This is the largest and most widely attended population health and public health conference in Canada.  Considering my other life, outside of knitting, it was a must attend.

I flew to Winnipeg on Sunday afternoon.  I prepared everything I would need previous to the Yarn Harlot appearance in Muenster, Saskatchewan as I would be in attendance there all day and evening.  I was under the impression that knitting was not allowed on a plane.  Visions of being separated from my beloved yarn and needles haunted me.

Stories of unsuspecting and innocent knitters having their wares ripped from their hands by the airport security guards were fresh in my mind.  Scenarios of terror trickled into my consiousness as I watched and learned and listened to the Yarn Harlot teach us the intracies of knitting for speed and efficiency.  However, it was small comfort considering that in mere hours I would have to hide my beauties in my stow away luggage.  The dark and damp underbelly of a plane is no place for Harmony DPNs and the sock growing from them.

I mentioned my plight to the Yarn Harlot as she walked the isle knitting away.  “How do you manage to get the knitting on the plane?” I inquired.

Her reply amazed me.  She had taken, in her carry on luggage no less, several sets of 14″ inch straights, balls of yarn, socks in progress, Signature DPNs, a shawl in progress, and other knitterly notions.  No one batted an eye and none of the needles were wooden…they were metal!

“When you go through security, just mention to mind the knitting,” was her reply.  Calm and cool.  Knitting makes it on the flight and no one gets injured.  When will various aspects of society understand that it is more dangerous to remove a knitter from her knitting?  Anything can happen if we are let to mingle with society without a distraction to keep our lesser than honourable tendancies in check.  As the Yarn Harlot noted, without knitting she’d rifle through everyone’s bags instead just to keep from losing patience.  Makes sense to me.

My spirits lifted.  If someone as travel accomplished as the Yarn Harlot can get knitting and sundries on a plane then I should be able to as well.  Life is about risks … I decided to take the risk.

Risk taken.  Knitting accomplished.  Everyone is alive and well.  Progress made.

I decided to cast on a stockinette sock with a 1 x 1 ribbbed cuff.  Simple knitting was needed to practice the lever, or Irish Cottage / Production Knitting, technique that the Yarn Harlot taught.  Let me say I love it!!!!  Now for a photo or two …

Knitting on a plane 002The view from my window seat.  That is a long way down.  Pretty landscape appeared as the clouds dissipated upon our approach to Winnipeg.

Knitting on a plane 003My artsy photo of the sock in progress (enjoying the view of the landscape from 30,000 feet up in the air).

Knitting on a plane 004The happy yarn and beginning ribbing of a sock finally let out of the purse into the light.  I lever knit all the way from Calgary to Winnipeg and no one said a word!  Happy sock, happy passengers, and happy me!!!

Knitting on a plane 001How could I end a post without showing off my COMPLETE, yes that’s right COMPLETE, library of SIGNED Harlot books.  I’m still tickled over this one.  By the way, did I mention that she signed them with my Aurora pink pen (18 K white gold  nib) with pink ink????  How cool is this!?!  The piece of knitting is the sample practice work that was accomplished during class as we picked, threw, and levered our way through the day.

Stay tuned…more anecdotes and loads more photos to come in further posts…

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  1. melistress permalink
    June 9, 2009 8:28 pm

    Ooooohhhhhhh! What eye candy, I mean yarn, is that? Socks that rock? Pretty Pretty.

    • bonniezink permalink*
      June 9, 2009 8:49 pm

      Nope, it is not Socks that Rock. Honestly, I don’t recall what it is. I have no idea where the ball band is!

      I do know, by the fluffy little hairs sticking out of the strand, that it is some version of Alpaca. That’s about it.

      When I get home I’ll tear apart the sock yarn bin that I grabbed it out of and see if I can find it. I have no memory of buying this pretty. I love the colours and the way it is knitting up.

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