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May 30, 2009

So far so good! I stitched all evening on Filigree.

Since the family has plan this fine Saturday, I do expect to be able to stitch away. The tiny square posted yesterday is slowly growing. So far so good. A bit of research on this pattern assures me that, even though some of the pattern instructions don’t seem to make sense, it is correct and following the designer’s suggestions will ensure a pretty and functional squared shawl.

The corners are mitered and the squares are actually knit as diamonds so some rows add a stitch and some rows don’t. Upon first glance the instructions don’t seem to make sense at all. Adjusting the stitches when picking up the provisionally cast on stitches when making the corners might come in handy. It is more important to make the patterning match rather than worry about stitch counts…so losing a stitch here and adding one there shouldn’t be a problem.

I can’t wait to complete this stunning accessory to my wardrobe. It is fancy enough to wear with a more formal ensemble, yet casual enough to become a favourite summer wrap. Whether worn over a summer dress or over a cool tank top paired with jeans, this beauty will fit in perfectly.

Now a word on the yarn: Gloss Lace Weight from Knit Picks is fast becoming my favourite choice in yarn. The silk in the blend caresses my fingers and feels so wonderful that it is hard to stop knitting. It just feels that good. I will be adding more of this yarn to my stash in the near future.

Hopefully my shawl turns out as beautiful as this one from Cherie’s Knitting Blog:

Cherie’s Knitting Blog
Filigree Shawl
Swans and Bees Jacket
Frost Flowers and Leaves
Sea Island Cotton Shawl
Summer in Kansas Shawl
Chinese Feathers Stole
Filigree Shawl
Happy Birthday Chris
This shawl is made out of Fino alpaca and silk lace weight yarn. The pattern is from Alpaca with a Twist. I saw it in Patternworks. Making a shawl for my mother in law was a perfect excuse to try the intriguing pattern and luscious yarn. This was really fun and challenging, not at all tedious, and came out beautifully. She can wear it for elegant parties or with jeans. I’m hoping it will be her favorite summer jacket. filigree1.jpg


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