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Decimal is DONE! Now onto Filagree!

May 29, 2009

Joy of all joys! Decimal is complete and I’ve met my goal and have a week to spare. Knitting is done, buttons are found and sewn in place and the beauty is currently being blocked as I type this. I think it is worthy to be my “meet Melistress’s SOUL MATE – otherwise known as the Yarn Harlot). But first a few thoughts:

Should I make this cardigan again (and I probably will) I would decrease the bell flare on the sleeves. They are pretty but a bit too much – still pretty though. I love the lace patterning around the cuffs and bottom band. The main lace pattern is very flattering to an ample knitters figure and the slight fitted shaping flatters almost any shape. All in all Decimal is a very pleasing knitterly experience. I encourage you to make one for yourself.

Now for a photo:

Decimal 001Decimal 002Decimal 003

Now onto to the next challenge…

Lace! Filagree has been started. So far so good. Square one is growing on my DPNs. The construction consists of three large centre squares, four corners, 10 triangles for the outer corners, and 10 panels that surround the centre squares.


Sound like a lot? It just might be, but I think I’m up for the challenge. What challenges you, at the moment???

Happy Stitching… Must go knit now! (I have the house to myself…the family went golfing now that summer might be here.)

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  1. May 29, 2009 7:24 pm

    That lace sounds interesting. What pattern are you using? Curious minds want to know! 😉

  2. bonniezink permalink*
    May 29, 2009 8:25 pm

    Heh Clumsy…I’ve linked Filagree so you can check out the pattern. It is an interesting construction that will result in a shawl that has squared shoulders. I think I’ll enjoy it if I can ever get it finished!

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