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Decimal and other happenings…

May 24, 2009

A week of…

You be the judge. How was my week?

I have goals. I like goals. They keep us structured and moving forward. My most recent goal is finishing Decimal by the time I meet the Yarn Harlot in Humboldt on June 6, 2009. Am I excited? Yes. Is time moving fast enough? No. Will I meet my goal? I have no idea.

So far, this past week, I’ve been able to complete a sleeve and ½ and am now ½ way up the yoke. This, I believe, is the black hole of knitting of Decimal. The yoke is worked across 365 stitches. 8 stitches are decreased every 2nd row. 8? This is going to take forever and a day! The goal is to decrease until 57 stitches remain! Holy Hannah! Can I do it? At the time of this photo, I am approximately ½ way done the yoke. Then we bind off and accomplish the button band. I still have a few weeks to go and, I have resolved, the rest of the world can wait until I meet my goal.

What else has happened in my world? It has not been a great week. BPD (Bad Pain Day) has ruled most days. The most recent doctor appointment revealed mild cervical spine kyphosis at C4 and C5, which means my spin in my neck actually curves the wrong way. The next revelation revealed a posterior disc bulge due to degenerative disc disease and they found bone spurs, or osteophytes, that are causing severe bilateral neural foraminal stenosis, which means that I have nerves being crunched and strangled, which is the root of the issues with my wonky arm and hand control as well as the debilitating headaches that come out of nowhere. No, I have not been able to knit as much as I like. The next step is to wait for the surgeon to grace me with an appointment to discuss surgical options (and there will be surgery). UGH! Have I been blessed or what?

Speaking of blessings let me fill you in on some very special blessings in my world. First, this past long weekend saw the marking of my 41st year (yes, I am old now). I was able to spend the day of my birth stitching and watching my PVR’d shows. However, I did receive a surprise or two.
A wonderful person, Melistress, stopped by for a visit with her little Diva and presented me with a most thoughtful and appreciated gift…

I am a writer and what better gift to present than a journal (in the most perfect of colours):

Birthday_2009 003

My husband, also knowing me well indeed, presented me with a beautiful new pen and pencil set. The pen is a fountain pen constructed in 1953 by Parker. The mechanical pencil completes this awesome purse set.

Birthday_2009 002

My most thoughtful daughter combined my Mother’s Day and birthday gifts and presented me with flowers for my garden:

Mothers Day Flowers 2009

All in all the week passed as it should and ended with a weekend dedicated to stitching. The best part of the week was the arrival of my Knit Picks order.

Knit Picks_Lace and sock coctail

I now have a sock cocktail in Blue Lagoon, a set of blocking wires, and my lace weight fibre (Gloss Lace in Ultramarine). Now onward and upward to the adventure of lace knitting (I’ve still not completely decided upon a pattern for sure – but am considering Filagree)!!

Any ideas on what pattern is both challenging and easy and pleasing for a shawl or wrap or stole?
Happy Stitching!!!!

PS: I won’t be back to knitting group until June 14 due to other obligations.

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