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A day of progression…

May 8, 2009

Here in Saskatchewan we can progress through our seasons at an alarming speed. We wake up to winter and snow on the ground, shrug our shoulders and move on with our day. We notice as we glance out the window that the snow has melted and rain comes to wash away our doldrums. Again, we shrug and think “At least it isn’t monotonous and boring.” At lunch time the clouds remain, the rain and snow have stopped and the temperature reminds us of the coolness of fall days. Then, by supper time, the sun is shining, the thermometer has climbed and we can hardly believe the sight of the buds on the trees and can hardly recall the white start to our day. SHEESH! Is Mother Nature afflicted with multiple personality disorder or what? We all ask that several times a day.

The weather here didn’t cooperate with an outside plan. So, I stayed in and knit and cleaned and knit some more. I’ve resigned myself (and probably will change my mind later) to finish up some things I have on my needles. Sunshine was frogged earlier this week in favour of Komet. This is a beautiful lace pattern reminiscent of a comet with a tale streaking through the sky. I used a twisted ribbing rib combined with a flap heel and a simple decreased toe. Voila! One comfy cozy luxury for my tired toes complete. The pattern is available as a free Ravlery Download, for those of you interested in creating your own.

Komet now rests quietly on my dining room table awaiting its mate. Although I have become accustomed to knitting socks two at once, I used DPNs for this little lovely as my appropriately sized circs were already in use. It sure seems happy enough to be near my decorative yarn and notion display that serves as a centre piece on my table. Contrary to other opinions (they shall remain nameless to protect their identities…but you know who you are) yarn and notions can indeed be used to add decorative flare to your surroundings. The hurricane candle holders are filled with buttons from my large collection. The vase, when not holding flowers, holds my birthday yarn that Melistress was thoughtful to present me with on my #40. The needles add a touch of class to the collection.

Yes, one Komet down. The weather outside is still in a manic state and can’t decide what season it wishes to settle on. But I have one cozy foot. Stay tuned for the other one. Or I might just switch off to continue stitching on Decimal, which is past the black hole of knitting stage and well into the decreases and increases for the shaping leading up to the neckline and arms. Check out my side bar connecting you to more photos of Komet housed on Flickr or visit my Ravlery page.

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  1. melistress permalink
    May 8, 2009 3:34 pm

    You frogged sunshine? I thought you really liked that one? What made you decide to do that, lest I get into the pattern and suffer the same fate?

    • bonniezink permalink*
      May 8, 2009 4:42 pm

      I totally love Sunshine! However, this Gloss yarn that I have spoke to Komet and they decided they belonged together. What can ya do? I wasn’t going to be blamed for interrupting fate!

      Besides Sunshine was way too close to the ZigZag socks that I made from Vogue Knitting. The patterns are almost identical. So I went with what fate was telling me and frogged them in favour of Komet.

      I will cast them on again.

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