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I did it … the world of lace, here I come…

May 7, 2009

A few posts back, I mused about jumping into the world of lace. I tossed the idea around in my mind for quite some time. I sought the most desirable lace patterns and awed at the intricacies and the talent involved in creating the objects of my desire.

Knitted lace has long been a knitterly goal of mine. I’m not one to let my goals squander and fall into the netherworld of my mind (who knows what sits in that pit!). As I equated my fear of thin yarn and complicated stitch patterns to the fact that I fear what I don’t know, I was perusing the offerings of Knit Picks. New yarn. Pretty yarn. Fanciful yarn. ALL yarn ALL the time.

The Gloss Lace yarn (Ultramarine) has had my eye since I began knitting with the Gloss Sock Yarn. The feel of the silk sliding through my fingers is enough to create a mini yarn Nirvana throughout a hectic day. Silk is my new blend of choice. So it would only make sense to me that, in order to create the most pleasurable lace experience possible, this is what I would use.

I now have the pattern (Filagree Shawl – maybe) and the yarn decisions made. But wait, lace knitting doesn’t end there. I learned a long time ago that one needed quality tools in order to end up with quality projects. Back to the Knit Picks site I go.

I don’t have medium and long circular needles. I chose the options. So now I have the yarn and needles in my shopping basket. Before checking out I thought I’d peruse the other offerings and decided to add blocking wires and, for good measure mind you, a Sock Cocktail in Blue Lagoon.This is my hommage to the knitterly gods and goddesses (some have said I have enough sock yarn. I ask them, “Can one ever REALLY have ENOUGH sock yarn?” I think not.).

Order complete. Now to check out. I checked out. I filled in my life story and payment options and sat back to wait. I received the “your order is being processed email.” I put it from my mind. My path to lace will begin after the shipping gods ensure my order arrives to my home safe and sound.

But wait! I receive another email. A frightening email. “We cannot place your order.” What? I returned and double checked all my information. I ensured that my products were not on back order. All seemed to be in order, from what I could tell. So I called them (Knit Picks, by the way, has THE best customer service on the planet).

The kind lady on the other end of the reciever noted the issue right away, ensured me that I was not having a blonde moment (my apologies to all you blondes out there). My highly honed input skills and powers of paying attention to detail were on vacation that moment. I input the wrong expiry date!

Panic averted. Disaster avoided. My lace supplies are now on their way for the kind lady made sure that the processing was immediately dealt with.

Whew! Now to await the arrival. I do hope the Knitting Goddess and her cousin the Postal Fairy are kind to me and deliver my presents in good order.

So tell me, oh talented and experienced knitterly persons, how has your lace expeience been? Have you knitted lace before? What did you knit? Do you own lace knitting supplies? Did I make the right choice? Am I on a slippery slope to knitterly doom?

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  1. May 7, 2009 11:07 am

    Everything you did sounds good so far! The KP needles have nice, pointy tips that are good for lace. Don’t be discouraged if it seems a bit slippy at first, especially on the first row or two. Once you get a couple of rows done, it gets easier…something about having a stable base to build on helps. Good luck!

    • bonniezink permalink*
      May 7, 2009 12:14 pm

      I am already in love with Knit Picks! I own the Harmony interchangeable set, a number of notions, and several tubs of yarn from them. Even though it is not a Canadian company, I can overlook this, the customer service is superior to any store or web site I’ve dealt with.

      I am a Knit Picks lifer now!

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