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May 6, 2009

I’ve been told my whole about the difference between needs and wants. I’ve paid attention. I think I just might have it.

Apparently a need is something that sustains us, that is necessary to live life to its fullest (or just live – depending upon your perspective, I suppose). A want merely enhances our lives. We don’t need it to live life.

So where does that leave coffee and yarn? I vote they live in the need category. They do functionally enhance our lives. However, they are necessary tools to make it throughout the day, in my humble opinion. You see, if not for coffee I would fall to puddle in the middle of floor. (How do non-coffee addicts stay awake all day?). Coffee keeps me awake and alert and happy. All are good traits to have when dealing with the world at large.

Yarn, knitting, yarn and knitting accessories. needs or wants. Why NEEDS, of course. I would not be able to maintain the level of sanity that I have were it not for knitting. Knitting soothes and calms. It can be used to attract new friends or turn away those who don’t understand the intricacies of the knit sisters – knit and purl. Without knitting how doe people pass the time? What do non-knitters do to keep their hands busy? You see, knitting keeps my hands busy and from wrapping themselves around some annoyances neck. Yes, yarn and knitting and such are certainly needs for without them I end up in some trouble.


How cool is this mug? This is what happens when like minds indulge their creative spirits: Someone actually blended the love of and need for coffee and yarn into one place! Me thinks, they might know me somehow…

There are other choices available at Knitting, Beads, and Other Things. My favourites are the one pictured here and the other with the saying that “Since I learned to knit, I forgot how to cook.” I totally need them.Since Mother’s Day (yes, I’m a Mom – hint to any of my children who might be reading this) is just around the corner, wouldn’t this be an awesome and timely item to order? Since my birthday is shortly after that, any friends or family who wished to make a purchase, with these special dates in mind, are strongly encouraged to quickly order one or two of these mugs.

Yes, my friends, coffee and yarn are needs. They keep us grounded, sane, and from going over the edge.

What keeps your sanity intact?

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  1. melistress permalink
    May 6, 2009 12:54 pm

    I NEED all of the above too. Well, maybe not the coffee since my anxiety is what keeps me from falling into a puddle on the floor. Instead it keeps me climbing the walls and feeds my google-fu skills.

    • bonniezink permalink*
      May 6, 2009 1:02 pm

      You can freely insert tea where ever the post says coffee … that works too 🙂

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