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Spring has finally arrived…

May 3, 2009

How can we tell? Answer: There were only five members of Saskatoon Knitting Circle at group today. Jan, Shakti, Christine, Jeanette, and I stitched away a warm and sunny afternoon. We assume the rest of you were outside enjoying the +21 C temperature, the sunshine, and all that spring time has to offer. Others (and you know who you are) were nursing a flu and camped out either in the bathtub or on the couch. Spring time makes me forgetful, so you must forgive the lower quality photos. My cell phone saw some action as I left the real camera at home on my desk.

I picked Sunshine to work on and Jan chose to divert her attention between a pair of green socks for her granddaughter and some, of course, blue one’s for herself.

Christine has been practicing her toe up techniques, as you can see with these eclectic soles – a pair of house slippers. She also noted that she has finally figured out a way to walk about her workplace while knitting (Way to go, Christine!). Everyone should be so lucky as to be able to work and knit at the same time.

Shakthi, the lucky gal, has begun to stitch up some socks from the most coveted book out there…

I am crossing my fingers that Charlene from Prairie Lily Needlework here in Saskatoon gets one in for me very soon. In the meantime I continue on, sans book.

Jeanette, is still working away on her hoodie. She’s making progress and has neared the end of the hood piece. This project has been on the go since Christmas and it is turning out fabulously well. She took a moment to show it off and tried it on. Whew! It fits. All that remains is the decrease on the hood and sewing in of the sleeves. She’ll be set for the -40 temperatures that come upon us sooner than we think.

Yes, spring is here. The tell tale signs are all around us.

Trees attempt the art of adding greenery to their beauty.

Lawns looked washed and worn except for the occasional green sprig popping up through the deadness of winter.

Buds can be seen as proof and a promise of the coming beauty.


The Saskatoon Knitting Circle dwindles….

Until next week, happy stitching…

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