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Knitters can be found almost anywhere…

May 3, 2009

I have a little story to tell. First you must note that I have a King Size bed and all the bedding that goes along with owning a King Size bed. What does this mean for knitting? Well read on, my friend…

My bedspread is huge. It is big enough that most in home washer and dryer pairs will not handle its miles and miles of fabric. But as with all bedding ensembles, it too must be washed. Today was the day for washing the bed spread.

As any serious knitter will tell you, we are always looking for ways to combine what must be done with what we envision must be done (hence the laundry vs. the knitting conundrum) and feel triumphant when we can successfully combine the two. It is a feat to accomplish such a task and accomplishment is what this afternoon was all about.

I was knitting away on Decimal and occasionally breaking to do a bit of taming of the dust bunnies. Laundry waits for no man (or knitteress, whatever the case may be) – apparently, it is bad when the family has to go to work and school in less than stellar clothing or naked (I bet you can guess how I know that!) Laundry is one of those tasks that was created for multi-tasking or dove tailing (as we home economic types liked to call it). A load goes in, go off and knit a round or two. Washer load into dryer and another load to the washer, go off and knit a few more rounds… repeat until complete. We can combine all sorts of other tasks with doing the laundry…well the other tasks can wait, if you ask me, knitting is the priority.

Once my normal laundry was well on the path to completion, I noticed that the bed spread hadn’t been done in a while. Then I remembered why it hadn’t made it through the Meille pair…it is just too darn big to fit and get a proper washing. Well, we have a Laundromat right across our back ally. What was I to do if my quest was to be truly fulfilled? Take the knitting and the bed spread to the Laundromat. Take I did!

While waiting the hour for the wash and dry cycles to complete, the attendant struck up a conversation with me. The attendant, a slight of build blonde girl no more than her early twenties, noticed my hands. She began to stare intently at what I was creating with some sharp pointy sticks and a wad of string. You see, I was knitting on Decimal and she was curious. This young maid knows not how to knit nor is she blessed by the love a knitter. She is KNITLESS! Can this be? I mean, could it be possible that there are those in the world who know not the love of the two sisters…knit and purl? I was stunned. I mean, come on now, even if one doesn’t knit themselves surely it is unlikely that they are not loved by a knitter! L !

As a self respecting lover of all things yarn I did what any knitter would do…I plied the young maid with tales of knitterly greatness. I let her feel the smoothness of the cotton. I let her touch the silky finish of the Harmonies. I told her how any four year old can accomplish simple knits and purls (well, I left out that the knitting is usually a mess. No sense in starting this curious young lass with tales of disaster.) I told her that yes she too could become a lover of knit and purl (Oh, yes, I also neglected the tales of addictions, enabling, and the like.) I told her of the high when perusing the shelves of the local yarn store. I told of the thrill to click and buy off many an internet shop. “Is it hard?” she timidly questioned. I looked at her young and inquisitive face and retorted, “Goodness, NO!”

“What could be easier?” I thought as my needles worked the knits and purls and the yarn overs. I explained to her how the yarn flowed through your fingers and twisted through the knots of the row below. She became more and more interested and asked about knitting classes. Knitting Classes? What the…? Why would anyone want knitting classes with a most accomplished group of knitters right down the street? Alas, the conversation and knitting orientation came to an end as the dryer buzzed and my bed spread was clean. As it covers my bed, I can’t help but think about the young gal in the Laundromat and pray to the Knitting Goddess that she joins us one Sunday very soon…

Yes, I believe I have successfully recruited one who is pristinely untouched by knitting to join us soon. In the mean time, Decimal is smiling…

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  1. melistress permalink
    May 3, 2009 2:24 pm

    decimal looks lovely and I hope your new young friend joins us. Not sure if I will be there today, it depends on whether Nenster gets back from his sleepover in time and on whether Advil is doing its job at the time.

    Morphine is starting to look like a viable option.

    • bonniezink permalink*
      May 3, 2009 5:15 pm

      I, too, hope Samantha (Laundromat attendant) shows up one day. She’d be a great addition to our little group. She seemed eager to learn and noted that her job is very uneventful (boring). I convinced her that knitting would fill those quiet moments. What a great job to have…lots of time to knit!

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