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April 26, 2009


I’ve been busy stitching this week. Another new SPHERUoid has joined the world. What is a SPHERUoid, you might ask? Well, it is one who works diligently to further the cause of population health and research on the determinants of health to the betterment of all mankind! With this kind of population explosion (Young Master Nickel is only the second in a long line of baby births), what was I to do? I pulled out the needles and sought out cute baby patterns (I’ve not knitted for babies in almost 20 years now!) and began stitching!

As my knitting for babes progressed, I thought it was time to move beyond the typical cardigans and pullovers that adorn babies all over the world. I decided it was time to put my own talents to work and create a SPHERU inspired sweater. SPHERU colours are blue and white, which makes a nice transition to both boy and girl wear. The logo is simple and charts quite easily. A few days after cast on here is what I have:


Can you see the SPHERU swoop? I’m quite impressed with the way it turned out and I hope the recipient will be just as impressed.

In other knitterly news:

I was able to participate in the latest Knit and Knatter (April 19). It never ceases to amaze me just how much I miss the Sunday afternoon garter and giggle until I’ve not been in a while. It is wonderful to see the new projects cast on, the hangers on projects cast off, the new stitchers stitch and the long time regulars provide not only inspiration but welcomed advice and guidance.


Selena has been a busy gal. She’s taken to spinning quite nicely and can be considered slightly beyond novice by now. She is holding her spun yarn (which will turn into a hat, I was told). She is one lucky little gal as she was gifted an actual spinning wheel and now moves beyond spindling.


Over the Easter break our group was lucky enough to be willed a very expansive stash. There was enough yarn left behind to clothe a small country. No knitter could have possibly knit all this yarn, even if afforded another 20 or 30 years of knitting time. What were her 3 boys to do with the hugemongous stash? Call a group of knitters is the answer and call us they did. Jan and I picked up enough yarn to fill her van to the brim twice. Each and every week she will bring by a bag or two for fellow knitters to sort through and take home. The yarn is acrylic of differing weights. This is perfect fibre for blankets, Afghans, children’s wear, and charity knitting. Come to group prepared with a shopping bag or two so you can take some of this stash off of Jan’s hands.





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