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Knitterly Pursuits

April 18, 2009

How’s the stitching going, my friends? I haven’t been stitching too much as of late. The Osteoarthritis has been causing havoc in my world and keeping me from my knitterly pursuits. However, I have found some time to get in a bit of knitting and have a number of kits in the queue to look forward to.

First, though, my prize notion arrived. The Knit Kit has been discussed and coveted since it came out. An ingenious inventoress plugged into the needs of us knitters and created a travel kit that services all of our needs whether we are on the couch at home or gallivanting around the globe.

Check out a DEMO !!!


This handy little device carries a number of onboard amenities that make our lives easier in a pinch. Point protectors to keep us from loosing precious stitches, folding scissors to keep us up on those pesky little trimming incidents, stitch markers to help us keep track, a handy row counter so that we can multitask while keeping track of our progress, an even handier onboard thread for when (and you know it will happen) we lose track of the scissors, and a tape measure that retracts instantly into the casing create convenience. Best of all the colour is a very pleasing pink set on a background of cream.

Now to the knitting…

Recently Breast Cancer has been on my mind. A fellow Saskatoon Knitting Circle member struggled with it. My Grandmother passed because of it. My cousin is currently fighting her own battle with this disease. During moments when the quiet affords reflection I’ve found my hands move to my knitting bag and continue to work on a pair of Breast Cancer socks. The awareness ribbon floats upon a background of reverse stockinette panels. In between the two side panels are blocks of lacey stitches punctuated by the occasional garter stitch row. The Lana Grossa stretch yarn is a joy to work with. A mixture of cotton, superwash wool,and polyamide creates a warm, yet cool enough for summertime wear, fabric that is gentle on the toes. My progress thus far…


I am eager to finish these so that I can move onto a few other projects waiting in the wings…


Both of these kits are sock of the month kits from Red Bird Knits. The kits are fantastic as they show off creative flare, techniques outside of our normal comfort zone, and beautiful yarns beyond compare. My stash of kits is building as the months wear on. The yarns are great to fondle and the patterns make a great read!

Knitting is therapy. Knitting is enjoyment. Knitting keeps me sane. The Osteoarthritis in my neck and spine threatens to take these benefits away from me. I will continue to combat its effects and won’t give up my stitching without a very hard fight.

Happy Stitching….

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