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Look what we were doing a year ago!

February 1, 2009

February is upon us once again.  We were stitching and sipping with some garters and a giggle or two a year ago.  Take a look at what we were working on.  Socks, piggies, Sack Boys, and sweaters (PS: The Cabled Yoke Sweater was frogged and the yarn turned into a beautiful version of Summer’s End instead).  Our members are still stitching away Sunday afternoons at MacKenzie Coles Coffee and we invite all stitchers to join us (yes, crocheters, you are welcome too!).

New members have joined us over the past year (a BIG welcome to Jessica and Erin) and others have been affected by TAKE (those against knitting enjoyment) and been unable to attend regularly (I’m one of those who have been affected, but I’m working on fixing that problem).  UFOs (unfinished objects) have either been on a time out or frogged in favour of other more intriguing projects and some have turned into beautiful FOs (finished objects).

Jessica and Erin join our group.

Jessica and Erin join our group.

Our youngest member, Link, has grown into a toddler.  He stopped by for a visit this past Sunday (Jan 31, 2010):

Kat and Link.

Kat and Link.

A number of us have been bitten by the colourwork bug and became enthralled with knitting mittens:

Shakti's mittens.

Shakti's mittens.

Socks still remain a top priority for most of us as they are fun, portable, and the perfect canvas on which to practice new techniques.  My favourite part of knitting group on Sunday afternoons is spending quality time with my knitterly friends (yep, that would be you!) and with my daughter, Jeanette, who is now 17 and finishing up her last semester of high school.  She just received her acceptance letter to the University of Saskatchewan and begins classes on September 2, 2010.  How cool is that?  Here we are awaiting the arrival of our knitterly friends:

Jeanette (daughter & soon to be university student) and Bonnie (proud as punch Mom)

Jeanette (daughter & soon to be university student) and Bonnie (proud as punch Mom)

Enjoy your trip down memory lane and happy stitching…

Alive and Still Stitching:

Originally posted on February 8, 2009

And we are now moving through February!  Where did January go?  Life seems to be moving than my old bones can keep up with.  I’ve missed several S’n’Bs as of late, due to a variety of reasons, but the biggest is due to my health situation.  Before we get to the important things, let me give you the Reader’s Digest version of what is going on in my world these days.

I’ve recently been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in  my neck spine area.  I’ve  also an abnormally curved neck spine (actually curves in the opposite direction to what is considered normal) and nifty little bone spurs.  What does this mean?  My working hours are cut to part time and so are my knitting hours!  I can deal with the work cut, but knitting?  I mean, really?  Sadly it is true as  the pain that comes along with all this arthritis stuff keeps the fingers from moving in  a knitting friendly manner.  However, I do still knit on!  If interested, you can check out the Arthritis Society for some more interesting facts…the most amusing is that I’m about 10 or 15 years ahead of the curve as onset doesn’t  usually occur until late  50’s or 60’s.  I always knew that I was special 🙂  Since today is a relatively low pain day, I wanted to take a moment and share with you…so read on…

Now onto the important things. What’s new in knitterly creations?

A few weeks  past Melissa busily stitched up these beauties from Favourite  Socks.  Here version  is  much prettier than that in the book.

In honour of Chinese New Year, Dael was stitching up pigs (complete with curly tails!).

I put the holiday yarn gift to good use and am creating socks from the 2  at a time sock book.  Multi Melli is their name in honour of the giver.  These are my “purse / work” socks and only get attention in the brief moments that  I need a break from the stressors of the outside world.

Kelsey returned and brought colour to our world.  She was busy stitching up some socks.

I received a new Sock of the Month from Red Bird Knits.  The yarn is cashmere / silk and so gorgeous I don’t think I enough words to convey the soft lusciousness that it offers.  The pattern is intricate, but not difficult.  They are not suited for 2 at a time socks but are a joy to knit.  These are my quiet moment socks.  I love this sock club.  Even though I don’t have the time to knit each arrival in the month it arrives, I’m forming quite a collection of special additions to my stash.

I began a knit along and didn’t even know it.  It would appear that the Yarn Harlot is also stitching up the Febrary Lady Sweater that I started in anticipation of the arrival of my Knitpicks order.  (Needless to say it is taking a time out due to the arrival of the Cabled Yoke Sweater).

The yarn is Wool of the Andes in  Bordeaux.  The subtle gradiations formed from the kettle dying process add depth to the reverse stockinette and pop to the lines of cables.  The shaping is intricate and femine, accomplished at either side of the cable ropes.  This one will be a while before it is done.  I think I’ve already been sucked into the black hole of knitting.  I shan’t give up!

New books and more yarn came in the Knitpicks order.  The sock yarn is Gloss and is a luxurious blend of wool and silk.  I can’t wait to get this on the needles.

Today, we welcomed yet another new member.  Fiona found me on ravelry when admiring my version  of Alan Dart’s Sack Boy Pattern.  (PS:  I hope this link works…if not this pattern is easily searched on Ravelry and downloadable.)  Alan Dart is one of the world’s most accomplished knitted toy designers and I for one give him my gratitude for writing out the sack boy pattern.

Here’s our version of the little guy.  While knitting this up I put a lot of trust in the designer as  the pieces either seemed way too big, not big enough, or just plain odd.  But once he’s stitched up, he’s great.  I did change the mouth though.  Here’s the trick:  cast off the middle 20 stitches on the first row of the first set of knit 7 st stitch rows.  When purling back re-cast on those same 20 stitches and continue on as normal.  When the head is compete do an afterthought toe.  Pick up the stitches and knit a toe as you normally would and VOILA!  Sack Boy now has a mouth and expressions!

It was so nice to visit with Mary, Jan, and Shakthi today.  I’ve missed them.  Mary brought a show and tell:

A beutiful drop stitch scarf.  The pattern can be found on Ravelry.  Please direct your questions on yarn and pattern to Mary!  I don’t have much more info other than it is truly beautiful.

Who says an English degree isn’t helpful?  Look at the ingenuity Shakthi shared.  The sock is gorgeous, but the sock blocker is WOW! She cut it from a vinyl placemat (available at any self respecting Dollarama).  I was amazed.

Sadly, the Frog Queen, Dael, and Kat and wee ones were missing in action.  We missed you guys and hopefully will see you next week!

On another interesting bit of news:  I’ve been accepted to publish a sock pattern in PopKnits. I am totally thrilled!  Meandering will appear in early spring.  I’ve promised not share photos until after publication but if you promise to come to group next week I will let you see them in person!  Up for a sock knit a long with my first ever design?

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    March 7, 2009 2:52 am

    I see you got yourself a copy of Divorced, Drunk and Covered in Cat Hair! I am about 3/4 of the way through my copy — I love it! 😀 I’m sure you will as well.

    • March 7, 2009 2:57 am

      Divorced, Drunk, and Covered in Cat Hair!

      Actually, I’ve finished my copy of the book. I enjoyed it and thought it quite well written for a first time author. I hoipe you enjoyed yours just as much.

    • melistress permalink
      April 28, 2009 11:45 pm

      DDCCH was awesome! I really enjoyed it.

      • bonniezink permalink*
        April 28, 2009 11:54 pm

        I truly did enjoy this read. It will remain on the list of “read agains;” it lives right beside the collection of the Yarn Harlot publications.

        There are a few more reads I plan to get to, once I decide to stop knitting in favour of reading (yeah right!).

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