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Welcome to 2009…

January 18, 2009

You  might have noticed that I have indeed been remiss about posting.  Well the holiday and life schedule has kept me pretty busy.  Most of us have been out and about (even in the -30 + degree temps!) taking care of our worlds.  However, now that 2009 is well on a roll, we’ve come back to stitch and sip even stronger.

2008 has been a good year, knitterly wise.  We’ve made new friends and enjoyed the benefits of adding one more year onto previous friendships.  We’ve discovered new yarns and attempted to use up older ones.  We’ve delved into new techniques while keeping up the practice of the old.  We’ve held true to our roots and indulged the good old stockinette practice and even found we can spice it up with new techniques.

Two at once socks that I designed myself!  Stay tuned for news on the printed pattern (thanks, Melissa, for the test knit).

I have been sitting here sipping my tea (yes, the caffeine addiction has taken a back seat to some yummy Earl Grey Cream blended tea leaves)and contemplating the year past.  2008 brought a wealth of knowledge, a plethora of personalities, and cemented my love for all things knitterly.  What were my favs from 2008, you might ask?  Well read on, my pointy sticked little friend…


How do we learn about new techniques, new yarns, and new ideas?  Why, we hear of them from our friends.  Old techniques have been visited but new techniques have come to hold honoured places in the queue.  My favourite technique that I learned in 2008 has to be knitting two socks at once. I’ve done several pairs now and can say with confidence that I love the process.  I enjoy having two complete socks by the time I cast off.  It gives me an excuse to buy not one but TWO balls of my favourite yarns.  There is a down side to this technique, though, and it is the black hole of knitting.  At times, depending upon the pattern, it may seem as if one has been knitting forever with no discernable progress.  However, the pay off outweighs this little pit fall.

Meet Kayla (left) and Kat (right) stitching up a storm.

Sock of the Month Club:

Not being a designer myself, I often find it troublesome tomake that decision of which yarn and which pattern to cast on when doing up the socks.  I like interest.  I like different textures.  I like new yarns.  I hunted and hunted and finally found a wonderful Canadian Sock of the Month Club.  Red Bird Knits is wonderful and offers a number of pleasing patterns in a variety of techniques.  Finally, I have been able to remove myself from the clutches of the American marketing industry and some of my dollars are going towards keeping a fellow Canadian knitter in a living.

December 2008 Sock of the Month – Adante.  Using  Lana Grossa Meilenweit Tweed yarn this bleded 80% Schurwolle (Virgin Wool) and 20& Polyamide, stitches up fast and is soft to the touch.  The pattern is a  chevron that is fast becoming one of my favourites.

Notions and other knitterly acquisitions:

My favourite knitterly aid of 2008 came to me in the form of a carryall.  I have been hunting for just the right bag to haul around my projects and books and yarns and needles and…well you know.  I finally came upon Deb Donnely Designs.  Her expert creativity and stiching prowess designed these bags.  They are available on her Etsy site.

This bag is designed to offer ease of yarn feeding with the nifty little semi circle opening in the flap. 

Some of the pluses:  They are made with heavy  weight fabrics and lined with vinyl.  They have more pockets and cozy corners to hold patterns and notions and projects than any other knitting bag I’ve seen.  They are constructed with the knitter in mind and come in two sizes (large and small).  I highly recommend them to all knitters…and Moms…

The cool perk that these bags offer is that they often double as a diaper bag.  The vinyl inserts are easily washed and there is enough room to house baby and knitterly items at the same time!

New friends:

A number of new friends have dropped in on our regular meet ups (each and every Sunday!).  New knitters are always much fun and create an excitement.  It is always enjoyable to see our craft through the eyes of someone new to the knitterly lifestyle.  I am looking forward to seeing more and more people becoming our friends.

Experience meets inexperience.  Jan is  willing sharing her knitterly knowledge with Kat – a new Mom who joined us this year.

Favourite LYS:

Saskatoon is lucky enough to have two LYSs.  This year Prairie Lily has changed hands.  Charlene Oleskyn took over the shop and hasoffered us new and innovative classes, interesting yarns, and other knitterly interests while keeping true to the origins of the shop.  It remains to be a down home and friendly atmosphere where we can peruse in peace, knit in comfort, and welcome inspiration from all sorts of sources.

Speaking of LYSs…2008 summer vacation took us to Edmonton, where we discovered a great little shop, River City Yarns

Jeanette fondled the yarn in the ROOM of sock yarns!

Those are just a few of my favourites from 2008 that I’m carrying into 2009.  No matter the chaos in my universe, my respite is knitting and Sundays is no longer just a day of the week, it is THE day of the week to sip and stich and enjoy!!!!  Join me in drooling over some of the yarns, books and projects that have been our members busy over the past few months….

Thrumbed mittens are popular during the arctic cold snaps…Dael is speedily stitching his pair.

Melissa has been busy collecting more stash…

Yarn isn’t the only present gifted to us knitters over the holidays…books and more books line the shelves of our knitterly libraries.

More thrumbs and hats to keep our hands and heads warm during our wintery spells.

Our young knitters were hard at work spinning up a storm. 

Mary decided to give a lace sock pattern a try for the first time and Shakti’s well on her way to aiding her coworker keep warm with these arm warmers.

Melissa shocked us all by refusing to frog this sock, even though she professed to hate it and its pooling ways.

To conqueur the poolable  yarns, Melissa invested in this book.  Seems to be a great little source and we’ll look forward to seeing the results of some of the patterns contained within.

Jeanette conquered colourwork and stiched up these fingerless gloves.

Jan conquered the weather with this beauty!

Kat, Dael, and Link – our favourite new additions!

Jan’s birthday yarn turned into lovely ped warmers!

See you next week!!!  In  the meantime, leave a comment on what your favourite knitterly pursuit of 2008 was and what you  are looking forward to doing in 2009!

Happy Stitching


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  1. January 18, 2009 11:27 pm

    Great post. I can’t believe how much we have done as a collective over the past year. It is amazing. Those fingerless gloves of Jeannie’s are genius.

    Pssst! Those green and black thrum mittens are Dael’s.

    • January 18, 2009 11:32 pm

      Dael not Myrna!

      Apologies…my brain is still thawing from the weeks of deep freeze. Problem fixed!


  2. Anonymous permalink
    January 19, 2009 12:40 am


    Look at all the fun I’ve had to miss out on. 😦 Just thought I’d stop by and say hi.

    And that caffeine addiction doesn’t have to take a backseat. Earl Grey and Orange Pekoe teas have just as much caffeine as coffee does! Yay tea!

    Hearts y’all.

    • January 19, 2009 12:43 am

      Re: Aww…

      You’ll be back stitching up a storm, Leanne. How many sweaters have you speed knit lately?

  3. Anonymous permalink
    January 25, 2009 3:35 am

    No speedy sweaters…..

    I’m still working on this stupid promised scarf for the brother-in-training. It’s reminded me why I hate making scarves.

  4. Anonymous permalink
    February 9, 2009 1:10 am

    Deb Donnelly Designs

    Thanks for the great write up about my product.:) It’s wonderful to hear how much people enjoy them and how they appreciate their functionality. That was the sole reason behind the design. Thanks again, keep warm. Springs almost here!
    deb donnelly

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