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A brief update…

December 9, 2008

Well the holidays are fast approaching and I think my Christmas knitting is well on track!  I’ve stitched up a few things, but am now turning my attention to sewing.  I have a knitting bag for a special someone in the works.

As most of you know, I’ve been remiss at attending our regular meetings.  However, this weekend should see me back to it on a regular basis.  I’m hoping to bring along my sister in law from Vancouver this Sunday. 

So what’s been on and off my needles in the last while?  Here’s a look:

I finished a present for me (at least I hope it remains in my wardrobe and doesn’t succumb to the thievery by those in my family who refuse to knit…you know who you are!)

I embarked on a new technique and fell in love.  I steeked!  Yes, I knit for a month straight on a beautiful fair isle sweater.  It came with me to Nipawin, SK, accompanied during a conference, and travelled with me to the homes of friends and family.  Housework and other obligations took a back seat as I speedily stitched toward the ever scary steek.  Melissa joined me one afternoon to provide the moral support needed as we dived into cutting our knitting apart…  I have titled it "Rosebuds for Christmas."

And that very same afternoon, we adjusted Melissa’s Titania to fit!  A misjudging of size left her with a sweater that was miles too big.  We stitched and surged and then cut.  The result was spectacular and Melissa has been united with beautiful Titania…


As always, this time of year calls for those last minute gift items to bring to parties and the like.  I am mentally challenged at times like these and totally forgot about the office gift exchange.  What was I to do but turn to my stash and stitch up a handy gift giving keyhole scarf ensured to bring the wearer warmth and comfort during out chilly winter days.  I used Moda Dea Washable wool (same as Rosebuds…this was some of the leftover contrasting yarn) and stitched up this keyhole scarf in just a few hours.



I was bitten by the designing bug this past little while and decided to put some creative into a pair of socks.  Self striping yarn is an amazing yarn to have and when it is Knit Picks Felici…well, the results are amazing.  I found a chevron stitch in a stitch dictionary, readjusted the stitch counts from a basic sock recipe, and VOILA!  I ended up with these…  I have called them Meandering …  The colourway is Martinique and the picture is of the unfinished project.  Rest assured that only the toe decrease remains and then they will be keeping someone’s (if not my own) tootsies warm over the holidays

So here is hoping that your holiday preparations are going well and that life is treating you good.  I hope to see you all this coming Sunday at the regular SnB time and place.

Don’t forget about the Christmas party at Melissa’s on December 20!

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