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Pearls and Politics…

October 10, 2008

Greetings all:

Thanksgiving is upon us and we must skip a beat here.  As it turns out MacKenzie Coles is not open on Sunday October 12.  Therefore, our meeting will be a go this coming Thanksgiving weekend.  No worries, though.  Several of us are out of town and others are busy in their kitchens entertaining family and friends.  However, I know we will all be stitching in spirit!

This past week saw the close out of our Politically Correct stitching and bitching marathon.  We closed out our meet ups with the politically inspired on October 5, 2008.  Karen Prarhar of the Liberal party joined us and entertained our political savy notions with grace and knowledge.  This beautiful young woman came prepared to back her aspirations up with knowledge and determination.  She is fully subscribed to the Liberal notions of government and was able to address our concerns on the environment, arts and culture, senior issues, family issues, and the economy – to name only a few. 

Melissa working on the ill-fated Alexi cardigan and wondering if the current government will meet the same fate. 
Karen is addressing the questions of the group, and no doubt dreaming of frogging the current fabric of government that we’ve stitched up.

Karen is a practiced academic currently completing her PhD in criminal psychology.  She has a flare for bringing the issues of Justice and social humanities to the "ordinary" people.  Her experience in marketing and as a film worker will surely aid her in attaining her political aspirations.  She is a well-spoken young lady who will attain the heights she reaches for and, I’m sure, will break through that glass ceiling and turn the "old boys" clubs on thier ears. 

Linda’s flare is mixed with a base in academia, an experience with non-profit / health care organization research, and grounded with a practical sense that surely comes from her love of the arts and culture and a determination to enable the youth of our society to begin that long journey of life with a well balanced and healthy base.  Her community mindedness and down home attitude will surely take her far. 

I must say that I’m completely impressed with the willingness of this year’s crop of candidates to come out and meet us.  The sharp pointy sticks didn’t even frighten them off.  They were amazed at the level of intelligence that sat around our table.  They indulged our questioning.  They graciously accepted defeat when confronted with inarguable notions backed up by well-researched facts.  They put on their politically correct hats and, I think, enjoyed themselves.  Here’s hoping the winner comes back to us sometime in the future!

Now onto progress, or a lack thereof:

I have, once again, jumped the Frog Queen’s Band Wagon and indulged in a little frogging.  I was working on Alexi, but decided that the yarn and the pattern didn’t quite mingle to my liking.  So I’ve switched to Mr. Greenjeans.  I’m much happier with the way this is turning out.  However, I am making several modifications to the pattern as I go along.

(The back of Alexi – the only piece that was finished – which turned out to be miles and miles too big)

I’ve begun a new project.  This beauty is a sleeved poncho from Mary Maxim.  I have modified the pattern to be doable on my knitting machine (NO this is NOT cheating, but  an attempt at saving my sanity)!  The pattern, as you can see, has lots and lots of stockinette – we all know how much I enjoy that, don’t we?

(The front – or back – piece of the sleeved poncho.  Progress is being made as I’ve only the centre and one sleeve panel to go before I can begin stitching up the collar and cuffs.)

A brief update on the war of the pens.  As you know Kate brings her Ugly pens to each meeting.  I bring my prized beauty – the Italian, 14K white gold tipped Aurora.  You decide:  Which is better?  (I think mine matches Kate’s sock much better).

(The pen of beauty is the pink one in the front.  The Ugly pen is attempting to hide in the background.  Isn’t the sock gorgeous?)
Well folks, that is it for this week.  Don’t forget to get out to the polls on Tuesday and enable your voice.  Yours could be the one that makes the difference.

Happy stitching and Happy Turkey Day!!!!

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