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Calling All Political Junkies, otherwise known as Obsessed Knitters!

September 23, 2008

Hi folks:

As you know, Melissa and I have been busily working to get our federal candidates out to meet with us.  We’ve have success in this area.  JP Ducasse (Green) has already been to visit and it was a hit, even though our numbers were low.  I’m hoping our numbers increase for upcoming politically motivated SnBs.  Check out the post that follows this one and discover that Politics and knitting DO indeed mix!

In order to accommodate our eager candidates we’ve changed the time on September 28 (this Sunday)from 2 pm to 1:30 pm.

Here is our schedule:

September 28: 
Scott Ruston (NDP) 1:30 pm / Brad Trost (Conservative incumbent) 3 pm

October 5: 
Deb Ehmann (Liberal) 2pm

Lets get lots of stitchers out to talk to these folks.  They are very excited that we took the initiative to invite them to our little shin dig.  They are eager to field our questions and talk about the issues.

Don’t forget that this is your chance to speak directly to the person that might possibly represent you and your issues for the next 4 years.

Politics are alive and well!!!!

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