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Finally a moment to post…

September 3, 2008

Yes, it has been a while since I’ve had a moment to post.  There is no drama to report on, only creative spirits living in harmony and peace stitching up warm and wonderful woolies. 

The Lonely Lama Liberation Front remains active and has decided to include in its rescue effots Alienated Alpacas.  First on the list is Al.  He is a furry cutey living just outside of Regina on my parent’s farm.  He offers up warm beige fibre that begs to be knit up into matching aran knit sweaters, scarves and other winter essentials. Here is Al in all his glory…

Now admit it, you just want to take him home and cuddle with all that cuteness, don’t you?  Be patient, for spring is coming and Al is very much looking forward to a hair cut!

I suppose my previous declaration of no strife is a bit misleading.  For, very recently, we had a bit of jealousy happening.  The back story is this… A VERY new knitter (who shall remain nameless) showed us all up.  She finished Titania in less than a week and caused us all to take a moment of pause.  How can one who has been knitting for mere months be so speedy.  We all felt that she was "doping."  You see, she works in a coffee shop and is infused with an endless supply of caffeine.  Seriously, though, she did an expert job.  Her stitches are beautiful and uniform and not a mistake can be had.  Although others of us, myself included, spent months and months on our versions of Titania (complete with the odd mistake or two) we still wish the nameless knitter well.  We are proud of her and we shan’t let her caffeinated driven speed make us feel inferior.  We love you nameless knitter!

(Please note that the sweater is unblocked)

(Also note the much deserved self pride in this beautiful smile…we really are proud of you)

Now, onto other accompishments…

Recently we were joined by an expert knitter, which we imported from the US.  She joined us for an afternoon of fun and made some progress on her many hand knitted Xmas stockings for her grand children.  We hope she joins us again for she was a joy to have with us.  Beth promised to return as one of her sons and new grandbabies reside in the bridge city.  Welcome and we hope to see you return to our group soon.

We’ve had other new members join us too.  We had the priviledge to meet a knitting family.  Kat (the Mom) crochets up baby items.  Dael (the Dad) knits his heart out to keep the babies warm. And they 9 year old daughter spins up a storm.  She could teach us all a thing or two.  Recently, they introduced us to our youngest knitter yet…Link.  Trust me, he stole the show…and the hearts of everyone.

Much fun and progress has been had by all over the past few weeks.  We’ve finished socks, baby items, dreamed of more alpaca, watched a nine year spin her heart out, greeted new members and lauged with old.  Here is a collage of accomplishments for your enjoyment…


And finally, I have to acknowledge the presence of my best friend and sister.  Shannon Isted joined us this past weekend (as it was Jeanette’s celebratory Happy 16th birthday weekend).  She crocheted a beautiful angel doily that will adorn my table this year.


Here’s hoping she comes back soon 🙂

See you next week 🙂


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  1. September 4, 2008 4:54 am

    Eeeek! I just want to squish him!

    That woman who knits too fast did a fabulous job and definitely should be proud, no matter how badly we give her a hard time. Very sexy new sweater…perfect for new dates?

    I just love how our little group is growing…it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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