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Lonley Llama Liberation Front

August 3, 2008

Another Sunday has passed. I have returned from our weekly meet up and am sitting on my own version of a “big comfy couch” and listening the silence of my abode. Glenn and Jeannie have taken off for a session of evening golf at Moon Lake and I have the house to myself, save a couple of cats. Today’s meeting of the needles went off without a hitch and quite successful as much yarn was shared, projects were finished, new friends were made and giggles were the mode of communication.

The afternoon began with Jeanette and I, Leanne joined and then Melissa and Mary arrived. Each of us eager to share our stories from the weeks past. We chatted and sipped and then Kelsey, Kristin, Lisa, Alison, and Jan joined. We had a full house and poor Kristin kept being relocated to make room for another table and a few more chairs. We were excited to see Nicole join us for the first time and show off her preemie wear.

Let us start with yarn:

Leanne, as promised, regaled us with her hand dyed yarn. She just dumped into the deep end of the pool and began on her birthday afternoon. (A big belated Happy #22 to Miss Leanne – she was the belle of the ball today). The yarns turned out well. Melissa was excited and nearly fell off her chair as snapped up her favourites. Alison happened to pick the same pieces as her favs as well.

Leanne has become a talented knitter as well. She graciously accepted the oooh’s and awe’s over the yarn, which quickly turned into excited compliments over the skill and beauty of her completed Bellatrix Socks (that’s the leg of my Zig Zag Sock at the bottom).

Next up is a new version of my very own hand dye. I tried to recreate the colours of the SPHERU Logo. My first attempt was good but I wanted to perfect the colour scheme and thus ended up with these blue beauties. Captured in this picture are Leanne’s Bellatrixes and some more new yarn that made it into my stash…Imagination Yarn from Knitpicks. Before you get all excited, it would appear that Knitpicks has sold out of these beautifiul colourways until fall. The purple colourway is Damsel and the lighter is Pixie Dust. Both are an alpaca / merino blend and so very soft to the touch. Melissa had started a pair of socks from her own Imaginations but, you guessed it, frogged them!

Mary had her own progress to report. She was happily stitching away on a pair of warm tootsie toasters for a friend with “Hagrid” type legs. The colours are of her own creation and, as always, her stitching flawless.

I do hate to mention it when the weather remains in the midst of the lazy hazy days of summer. However, here in Saskatchewan, cooler temps can be upon us sooner than we think. In keeping with this horrible thought…Jan designed and stitched up a glove that will enable her to indulge her habit and keep her fingers warm.

Kelsey returned to us with her hat on the needles. She’s been working on this project for the past few weeks and found it completed today. What a great job she did too. The funky coloured and wobbly textured yarn stitched up into a beautiful brain cozy that indeed matched Kelsey’s colourfull personality, not to mention her hair.

Great job Kelsey! All commence a standing ovation at her accomplishment (care for the wave anyone?)

Kristin returned from her Minot vacation with new yarns and has taken to a sock jag. As many of you will remember Kristin began with us to learn the arts of knitting, but decided crochet was easier. However, since she mastered the art of crochet she has returned from the dark side and turned inot quite the knitteress. Kristin proudly showed off her sock progress.

Now for our Frog Queen! She has rescued Titania from the FO basket and showed off her stitching progress. Congrats, Melissa in beginning the back of the pretty top and for finishing the front. Soon we just may see a sleeve or two as well.

Back to Leanne and her hand dyed. The varied greens and yellows in this skein are created a waving lace scarf. The hues remind me of spring and summer. Whoever has the privilege to wrap this scarf about their neck will surely be a lucky one indeed!

And now for a brief update from the Lonely Llama Liberation front. It appears that the Llama Melissa wishes to rescue resides just outside the city and is standing guard over a hear of miniature ponies. According to Leanne, these are the strangest little creatures and, I must admit and agree with her, really don’t have an obvious purpose. That poor Llama is surrounded by a bunch of small animals, vaguely reminiscent of the My Little Pony mutations most of played with. Therefore, Kristin had enough fore thought to return from holiday with Vanilla Milkshake flavoured pop tarts, which will surely please the Llama (we have it on good authority that to lure lonely llama one does indeed need pop tarts and the only good flavours are available in the US not Canada) and entice it onto the back of Leanne’s Dad’s truck. I think the pieces ar ein position and the Front may now be ready to formulate a liberation plan.

Although, liberating a Llama just may come with some risk of jail (which none of us thought of). Our local scientific PHd gal, Lisa, came up with a brilliant solution. We can all dye and sell our yarns in order to fund the purchasing of some lonely Llamas. Melissa has gained a new co-worker who has plenty of room to keep Llamas on his plot of land. This may be a plan that could work…if only we could get past the viscious Ravelry yarn dyeing crowd.

Yes, my friends, beware the questions you throw out on the dyeing groups on Ravelry. The turfs are all spoken for it would seem and if someone new expresses wishes to create and put for sale the musings of thier creative spirits they best prepare for a backlash of turf protecting yarn dyers. So take your chances fellow colour enthusiasts.

Until next week, enjoy the sun and be sure to join us next week for further updates on knitterly progresses and discussion upon the acquisition of yarn bearing herds.

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  1. August 4, 2008 4:01 pm

    Sorry I missed it

    (sigh) life seems to always get in the way on sundays. I am only free every other Sunday, as I have the kids every second week now and I don’t think they’d sit still long at an adult only group!

    I would love to see Leanne’s yarn! I have expressed an interest in spinning and am hoping that eventually I will be able to start figuring it out either in a class or on my own

    • August 4, 2008 4:08 pm

      Re: Sorry I missed it

      No worries. This is mostly a drop in type of group anyway. Check out The Wool Emporium’s offerings of classes. Glenda is a wealth of knowledge and more than willing to share. I too have been interested in learning to spin. But, alas, I don’t have time to massage yet another time consuming addiction nor do I have the room to store the pounds of roving that would come along with that particular obsession. So, for the time being, I shall be content to live vicariously through others.

      Hope to see you next week.

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