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Lets start with a little knitting music…

May 5, 2008


What an array of topics for such a small group today. Conspicuously absent were Mary, Alison, Bonnie and many others. It was really nice to see those of us who did manage to make it today. We talked about everything from mice infested apartments to Phantom of the Opera. It appears we have become a group that is bent on turning everyone we know into sock knitters. Jordan was definitely feeling the pressure today as Kristen actually cast on her first pair of socks. We assured him that everyone who said that knitting socks was difficult was lying. Would one of us please send the poor guy a copy of the basic sock recipe so we can get him started?

Leanne brought two mismatched pair of anklets. She is quickly becoming quite the little sock knitter.

Jordan once again graced us with his smile and housing stories while continuing his garter stitch scarf. I think he is getting quite the hang of it, but he would like to perfect the garter stitch before moving on to such complicated projects as a sock.

Gale was there working on what I believe was a Regia sock and she had Pam with her, still plugging away on her felted book cover. The poor girl kept measuring it but had 16 inches of stockinette stitch to get through. The black hole of large stockinette projects has come early for her.

Speaking of black holes in projects. Jan noticed today that her baby blue sweater is going to be really long. I think she is pretty close to finishing the piece she is working on. It will be a lovely color on her when we get to see it finished.

We have added a new crafty knitting related obsession to the group as Gale brought one of her DPN holders with her. It seems as if she might prefer the one that Jan bought from knitpicks, but I think these ones are going to be all kinds of great customizable fun.

I thought they were really cute, so I made sure to try one when I got home. Of course I had bought so many beads during the stitch marker/bracelet craze of February 2008.

So I thought that maybe I would embellish mine a little bit. Unfortunately, I had a blond moment and only managed to bead one side.

These things are going to catch on like wildfire.

Amid all the naughty divorce party planning, phantoms, and mice, I managed to get a project done between giggle fits. Behold the candied zebra socks. These are done in the pot scrubber type Patons Kroy in the Tutti Fruitti colorway that Kristen so graciously passed on to me. I am going to put them through the wash with some fabric softener so that my daughter will wear them. I think they turned out really cute.

We have agreed that next weekend is not cancelled for those of us who are unable to spend time with our children or our mothers, so those of you who are able to come out, we would love to see you. Those of you who are unable to join us, have a very Happy and restful Mother’s Day.

Next Knit and Knatter

Sunday May 11, 2008

2 pm

MacKenzie Cole’s Coffee

Saskatoon, SK

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