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April 26, 2008

Why hello there, my friends. I imagine a number of you have been wondering where the updates are and why they are late. Well things have been hopping around here again. House cleaning, family and a yarn sale have been keeping me busy and what a sale it was!!!!

First things first, though. Last week at our meeting we had a great time. We ended up forming our own mini sock camp. (As most of you surely know the Yarn Harlot herself attended an enjoyable sock camp). Although ours was much smaller in nature than that, we still had a great time. This was unplanned, unorganized and unpredictable. It was a fluke that all of us ended up working up our own socks, products of our own inspirations. Here is Alison’s collection of socks and hand dyed yarn (stay tuned for Alison’s Rules to Wining and Dying to be posted very soon)…

Leanne, began stitching on her very first sock and, through the expert tutelage of both Alison and Melissa, she made it past the ribbing. Here’s hoping she brings a finished pair for show and tell soon.

Melissa showed her scarf in progress…My So Called Scarf:

We welcomed Judy back to the group. She brought a spectacular show and tell. An Elizabeth Zimmerman shawl created from much patience and the most softest fibre you could get your hands on. Thank you, Judy, for bringing this along. You’ve inspired us all.

I continued to stitch on a beautiful “diamond” sock that was created by a Ravelry friend of mine, Phyll. She multisized the Mother’s Day Trio pattern to fit Mom’s and daughters and toddlers. It is fast, easy and quite beautiful. The Diamond / lace has a lot of stretch. I’m well into completed the second of the practice pair and anxiously await my Elann order to arrive so that I can cast on some more. I’m still anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Knitpicks order as well (more sock yarn and the Socks on 2 Circs by Cat Bordhi as well as the Cables Untangled book). All good things come to those who wait, and waiting I am 🙂

Others in the group brought along their socks as well: Gale stitched away on her Regia Bamboo pair; Jan speedily stitched upon her own socks; and we all happily discussed (and I think) many a world issue…okay maybe we just solved some of our own sock related issues, but the leap can be validated. Knitters, sock knitters, can indeed solve the world issues. We can apply our trade to charity work. We can spread the joy of knitterly items wherever we need to and thusly provide fund raising or warm woolies to those in need. Which leads me to the other idea. Melissa, inspired by World Wide Knit in Public Day, thought our little group might band together and create a fund raiser of some sort. This idea is still in the planning stages and we invite you to bring your ideas on what to do, who to support and how to go about to the next meet up.

Now, the sale, oh the sale. The Wool Emporium (here is Saskatoon) welcomed us knitters to its annual Spring Sale. Many good deals were had. Yarn fumes lulled us all into a transe and we petted and inhaled and imagined our way to the till and left the store with great deals and soft yarns and new inspirations. And now to show you my finds…

First up, is the shiny new ball winder! I figured since I was buying yarn in hank form this just might be a useful buy. The first to be wound was a hank of alpaca/merino/wool sock yarn in a natural hue. My plan is to start whipping up flip top mitts to get the Xmas gift giving stash a good head start.

Next up is the same blend of yarn, as yet unwound, but dyed in a beautiful multi colour that contains purples, pinks and corals. I can’t wait to get started on this yarn.

And, of course, how could one resist restocking the Bamboo supply?

Finally, I grabbed a skein of the Regia Bamboo blend sock yarn in a nice purpley / pinkey somewhat tweedie print.

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