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What does success mean to you?

April 17, 2008

How do we measure success? I’ve discovered along life’s journey that success is defined differently by different people who revise that definition once again should conditions and situations change. Over the past year I believe (and I hope you’ll agree by the end of this post) that the success achieved by the growth of Saskatoon Knitting Circle is quite spectacular.

I first began the group with one other knitter (Gale). We would meet for coffee quite regularly and bring along our knitterly items and chat and laugh and eventually bonded over sticks and string. Two lovers of yarn meeting over coffee. We enjoyed our meetings so much, we couldn’t help but spread the joy. Hence we embarked on a quest during the summer of 2007 to spread the disease…err…love of knitting to everyone we knew.

Soon Gale’s Mom, Barb, joined us and then an epiphany happened…why not use the internet to bring more knitters into our fold? Others have done it…there’s even been a book or two written on it…so why not us? A group of like minded individuals meeting over coffee stitching and laughing and sharing. What’s not to love. We had a plan and put it into motion.

First we created our Yahoo Group, The Saskatoon Knitting Circle, and the knitters began to come. It seemed that each week Gale and I were notified of another knitter joining our circle and in no time at all our group of two numbered five and then ten and now up towards twelve or fifteen knitters all meeting to lament, to show, to tell, to sip, to laugh and to share.

Once the Yahoo Group was formed, where we share a number of quips and “quoibbles”, patterns, ask advice and share the happenings in our world (and, of course, meeting times and other details) we discovered the wonderful world of Facebook (find us under The Saskatoon Knitting Circle in the groups). Another light went off…why not form a group there and see what happens. Well, what happened is that our numbers keep growing and we are loving it.

We have moved from needed a quiet corner table for two or three knitters into actually having to book the back room space of MacKenzie Coles Coffee and now considering other venues across the city that offer just a bit more room to house us all. Facebook has been amazing. It has been key in reaching one of my own personal goals…to have an all inclusive and representative group of knitters.

What does inclusive and representative mean to me? Well we have researchers, gas jockeys, baristas, administrative personell, Mom’s, teenagers, children, those possessing skills beyond my comprehension who hold Commerce and Accounting degrees. It truly is a diverse and eclectic mix of individuals with one thing in common…a love of yarn, a yearn to stitch and a need to do it in public. So what was missing? Why, a male knitter, of course!

Success was finally achieved last week when a gentle, talented, and handsome young man joined us. He was truly interested in learning the craft. His grandmother always knit. His past girlfriends knit. He had even attended other knitterly gatherings (as purely a social thing). Needless to say the knitting bug grabbed him and now our friendly computer guru turned knitter is a regular.

So is this success? I think so. Considering my initial motivation was to make some new friends in a new city (just a few mind you) and I can now boast well over ten new additions to my friendship circle I truly am a believer in success. With a little string, some sharp pointy sticks and a bit of effort my circle has widened, my world is even more blessed and I have a place to be every Sunday at 2 pm. We welcome all knitters to join in our fun…we just love to share.

As a treat and a reward for getting this far, let me share with you some our recently finished objects:

First up is Kristen’s beautiful crocheted pull over made for her niece:

Next, Kristen showed off another finished project…she’s truly becoming an expert:

Finally, our local yarn dyeing expert, Mary, showed off her latest creation. They remind me of a child’s crayon box (the darker more brilliant ball in the front) and of Easter / spring (the lighter more demure hank in the back of the ball):

So there you have it, folks. Until next time…

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