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Back with friends…

April 10, 2008

Sadly I’ve not exactly been a regular attendee at our weekly S’n’B’s. In fact, there is only one member who has NEVER missed a meet up since her first attendance…this is Jan. Jan is beautiful person who is extremely talented at bringing out the best in yarn and people. She always brings a project or two, a number of patterns and a never ending supply of information to share. Jan has brightened all our inspirations and, as one of the recipients of her pattern sharing ways I can attest to this, has certainly broadened our knitterly horizons. Yay, Jan…here’s to many more Sunday afternoons with Jan and her talent.

Speaking of talent, Jan decided to show off her hand dyed yarn…

Many creations were being brandied about this past Sunday. It truly never ceases to amaze me the amount of talent that exists within our small circle.

Kristen was back crocheting up a storm…Jeanette continues to learn the intracies of stitching and has become quite accomplished. Whatever will she cast on next? Will she return to some socks she frogged…Will she continue experience the black hole of knitting with the stockinette cotton baby blanket…Will she embark on the adventure that is sweater knitting and colour work…Will she return her attentions to the knitted teddy bear that slumbers in the bottom of her knitting bag? The possibilities are endless and she has committed to continuing to join us and try her hand at each.

Pam joined us again to continue stitching up her scarf. The scarf lives with Gale as Pam professes there is no more room in her room for extra curricular activities such as knitting. She saves this activity for getting together with the rest of us. Knit on Pam…

Speaking of Gale…she acquired a different brand of bamboo sock yarn and spent the afternoon swatching away to determine her gauge and will soon be whipping up bamboo socks like nobodies business.

Melissa and Mary joined us. Although, they were preoccupied with an argument between Melissa and the BSJ (with Mary mediating), Melissa still found time to stitch a round or two on her sock.
Melissa has a newfound addiction to KnitPick’s Felici sock yarn. It comes in many beautiful colourways and is a joy to work with (according to Melissa 🙂 ) …

On a more whimsical note…our newest knitter (who let it be known that her family owns a coffee shop with lots of room for knitters…hmmm…can you see the possibilities here?) was busy stitching up sushi. Yes, you read me right, sushi. The sushi will adorn her sister’s coffee table when they are all complete…what will knitters create next?

And now the centre piece of conversations around many a knitting group’s circle. The Yarn Harlot’s new book arrived in my mail box. Many of us have read it, loved it, will read it over and over again. It is a wonderful combination of truth and wisdom and humour that truly speaks to the heart and soul of any knitter. The humourous adaptations of many an adage are wrapped in truth to spin a yarn of delight that tickles all our fancies. If you haven’t received yours, then I urge you to run (and run now) to your local book store and pick it up. It is worth the effort and the time it will take away from your knitting to read this little gem.

One more update…I finally returned my attentions to my confused cardigan. It is actually been released from the black hole of knitting and started to grow in length and beginning to look like a sweater! I am quite enjoying the top down approach.

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