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New encounters…

March 10, 2008

Meeting up with Knitterly friends was a most exciting event today. Much stitching was had, new friends were made, finished projects were shown off, and we even had to disband early due to another group of coffee lovers invading our stitching corner.

To those of you who were unable to join us today, and you know who you are, you were missed. However, we brought in a new round of stitchers. This is an official welcome to Trisha, Leanne and Jennifer…a few new gals with as much a love of all things yarn as we have. Yes, I’m glad to announce that our little group is growing fast and we filled out the back room of MacKenzie Coles quite nicely. As I mentioned we needed to break up a bit early today due to another group of coffee lovers having booked the room. We have, however, cured this issue in the future as the room is now reserved for us every Sunday between 2pm and 5pm. I’m so excited that we actually NEED to book space for our growing little circle.b

Jennifer, a computer lover as well as an eclectic knitter, was working on a knitterly version of a dissected frog. Yes, you read right (no need to re-read)…a dissected frog. She is a self pronounced knitteress of all things strange and wild. (I’m quite excited to eavesdrop on the conversation between Jennifer, Gale and Alison – when she returns to us. It should be a fairly interesting bit as Jennifer was keen on viewing Alison’s Shrunken Head purse…)

And here is a preview, just for you Jennifer, of Alison’s Shrunken Head purse:

PS: Alison, bring it along with you when next we meet…

Leanne kept her hands busy creating a pair of beautiful yellow baby booties. They were adorned with a ruffle cuff and are sure to please the recipient.

Trisha, enjoyed passing her love of crochet onto Summer (Jan’s Granddaughter). Summer’s relationship with knitting is currently on a time out. However, she seemed to enjoying the hooking until it bored her – we shall keep trying to infect her with our disease.

And, a big welcome to Nadia. Nadia was working on a pair of felted mittens. She wore her knitted socks and has plans to expand her repetoire of knitterly experience into a pair of slippers.

We had a great time getting to know the new gals in our group and truly hope they shall return.

Jan remained dedicated to finishing the shawl that was begun months ago. Last week it grew and this week Jan stitched speedily on finishing the last cuff. Here is hoping that next week she will model it for us.

We welcomed back our sunshine, both inside and out. Welcome back Pam. She brought some beautiful show and tell and spread her infectious giggle throughout the group. Pam has been busy crocheting up hats and scarves for her loved ones. Those pictured below are to adorn her lovely little niece:

Jeanette attained a record today. She actually stayed and stitched for about 2 hours! She made great progress on a baby blanket that is to be gifted to a very good family friend recently had twins. The Hoodie Baby Blanket is stitched from Lion Brand’s Cotton Ease (50% cotton and 50% acrylic), which makes it wonderfully machine washable and absorbent at the same time.

Gale has made great progress for she busied herself seaming her Hoodie / Bunny Hug made of Homespun. We are looking forward to her modeling the completed item next week.

We even had a brief visit with Melissa and Acadia, sans stitching. You see, Melissa has suffered a knitting related accident that is keeping her from knitting. It would appear that knitting can be dangerous, my friends, as Melissa’s sprained thumb is proof of. Her vigorous technique has left her knitting-less. We all offer her our heart felt empathy. Melissa commiserated with me over the mis-adventure of the book, the car and the credit card 🙂 She so totally gets it ! You can look into all Melissa’s adventures over here.

Now for me, what have I been up to? Baking for one in the new KitchenAid Convection oven!! Yes, it arrived and is well loved and used. While out and arranging for its delivery last week, I found myself mere blocks from McNally Robinson. The car, being possessed by some knitterly entity, forced me into the parking lot of the book store. What was I to do? Just sit there and wait for it to get the notion to become mobile once again? Well, that didn’t seem right. Into the book store I go.

Where do I find myself, but in the knitterly book section. What do I find there? Why, a new knitterly book to add to my collection of course!!!! I left the store with Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Sock Book. An interesting compilation of history, technique and design that is a wonderful addition to my library (all the other books have welcomed her with open arms and no complaints can be heard from the library shelves). I was excited to see a contest connected to this publication: The Ultimate Sock Contest. Since the deadline is March 15, I have my doubts if I’ll have the time to put in an entry 😦 However, I cannot wait to see what sort of creations the knitterly sock maids of the world come up with.

PS: I take no responsibility for being forced into the situation that lead to the buying of this book. For, as you all know, the Knitting Goddess works in mysterious ways and who are we to question her ultimate wisdom and direction? That could prove dangerous, as we all know.

On the project front: The Confused Cardigan is still in the works but the Jaywalkers are nearing completion. I am on the final few rows of the toe and hope to be wearing them next week!

Until next week, my friends…Happy Stitching 🙂

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