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A few weeks of Stitching…

February 22, 2008

It has been a few weeks since I’ve found the time to post. Much stitching has gone on and a few new people have joined our close knit group. First, let us start with some introductions and welcomes.

From the world of communications have come some new friends. Two ladies devoted to creating fabulous communication strategies around snow and ice whoose love of knitterly pursuits brought them to our table. They were able to find us through the Lion Brand Yarn website. Our little group is listed under “find a knitting group” section. It is always wonderful to bring new stitchers into the fold!

We must give a warm returning welcome to Pam J. She brought her hooks and her yarn and joined us once again, bringing her infectious giggle and special brand of sunshine. Pam has committed to join us on a more regular basis in the future.

Kristin joined her in the creation of crocheted warm woolies. While Pam stitched an oversized crocheted granny square blanket, Kristin was busy creating pillow covers to accent her home.

Mary has had a busy week. She is our resident yarn dye expert. Creating her own colourways and stitching them into beautiful woolies, Mary brought along her latest Baby Surprise Jacket (EZ).

As an added bonus, Mary had caught the beading bug that has infected a number of us over the past few weeks. She coffeed and beaded with a friend over the past week and brought the results to share with the rest of us. Each member was able to leave the meeting with a pair of beautifully crafted stitch markers. The creativity and talents of our group never ceases to amaze me!

As always, socks were on the needles of many stithers. Melissa had finished a Jaywalker sock. Here is a sample of a few of the accomplishments of our sock knitters (along with a lonely heart dishcloth in hot pink). Remember that this coming Sunday February 24, 2008 will be a fun filled afternoon of sock knitting as our group of fearless knitters will attempt a new technique to most of us: the toe up version of socks. You can find some patterns listed on our yahoo group, Saskatoon Knitting Circle, or seek out your own as many exist on the World Wide Web.

As many of you know, people are not the only ones who enjoy knitting. Oliver, our family cat, has discovered the joys and comforts of my knitting corner. My knitting and numerous supplies reside in the corner of living room beside my couch. It is secluded and filled with yarn, needles, UFO’s and other knitterly notions. Oliver has taken to relaxing upon the UFO’s that live in this corner. He watches the yarn creep towards my needles while I knit and wishes he could “catch” it with his paws. Oh the anticipation and frustration he must feel knowing that he wants to grap onto that string but also knowing that it is muchly NOT appreciated by the owner of that same string…me! He does a great job at keeping me company while I knit!

All in all, in has been a busy few weeks. I’ve been able to keep on stitching and so has everyone else. Although TAKE is alive and well in many of our world’s, we all continue to come together to form stitches and nurture the growing friendships over a warm cup of coffee or tea at MacKenzie Coles. We hope to see you there for the Toe Up Sock Learning Afternoon and continue on with your own fearless knitterly pursuits.

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