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A new addiction to BEADS!!!

February 7, 2008

As a number of you know, I recently received my Harmony knitting needles from KnitPicks. I love them and don’t think I’ll ever knit with anything again. I only found one issue…the beauty of the Harmonies demanded something more than the tired little plastic rings and waste yarn I used to use as stitch markers.

SO, what is a self-respecting crafter to do? Learn a new trick or two and design something deserving. So I did. I have searched catalouges and the internet far and wide to find something pretty. Many of the offerings were so beautiful, but a bit beyond my meagre crafting budget. I thought to myself and pondered about what to do. I said “Self, you can do this on your own!”

I have been busy creating “sets” of knitterly companions and accessories that have become quite popular in my circle. The black and white set is for my sister (a crocheter not in need of stitch markers but appreciative of matching earrings). These little accessories work up so quickly and are such fun. They are practical and beautiful and even serve to satisfy my sense of “instant gratification. What more could one ask for?

Then I designed one for myself in one of my favourite colours, pink. The matching stitch markers are indicative of the upcoming St. Valentine’s day celebrations and of one of my beloved causes, breast cancer. The markers adorn my latest project and are serving my needs well.

Then, I met an online friend who wished to trade her KnitPicks Binder for something. I offered up my version of the row counter and stitch markers in her favourite colours – oceanic blues and greens. I surely hope she enjoys them.

Finally, let me say that, although this new addiction to beading is fun and rewarding and challenging, it only has one issue. It is taking time away from my knitterly pursuits! But all is good in my world as it certainly enhances and beautifies the process of knitting. Who could complain about that?

I encourage all of you to head to your local bead store (or dollar store) grab some wire, some pretty trinkets and let your creativity carry you away 🙂

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