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Good Friends Coming Together and New Knitters Formed

November 26, 2007

This past Sunday saw the coming together of good friends, great coffee and spectacular projects! We stitched and we bitched and we entertained one another and livened up our local coffee shop with laughter and good times.

Our numbers are steadily increasing. Even with the playing of the Grey Cup, several of us braved the flurries and came together at McKenzie Coles Coffee. Jeanette was there dedicating her stitching time to progressing on the second mitt of her Mousy Mitt pair. With each session, her stitches are becoming more uniform and the pattern reading less confusing. She seems to be suffering a minor intrusion of SMS (Second Mitt Syndrome) but is able to overcome it with each sip of her coffee. More and more, this new knitter is becoming expert at knitting and pearling and asks for help less and less.

Kristen has returned with projects in tow. She has taken a break from knitterly pursuits in favour of crochet. Even though us die hard knitters have some issues with crochet, we all agree it has its place. With Kristen’s creative flair, she has come up with a beautiful hat pattern that will surely delight and amaze the people they adorn. She assured us all that she hasn’t given up on knitting but does find the process of crochet a bit simpler. These hats are stitched with a single crochet and finished with a pretty shell edging. The varigated yarns (by Red Heart) add a touch of interest that will surely add a touch of prettiness to any ensemble. Here’s hoping that you come back to the Land of Knitting soon, Kristen!

Show and tell took on a new meaning when Alison brought her recently completed themed hat. Knit in a simple stockinette, this hat brought to the fore a message that has been on many of our minds at one time or another. Alison is an expert at graphing and creating hats with a number of infamous sayings upon and has enough to display her precise mood at any given moment. Alison’s playful and slightly twisted sense of humour lends a level of ease to the creation of these themed hats that had our group envying her expertise.

Socks were once again upon the needles. Both Gale and myself brought our current sock projects. I made it to the heel of my second sock. Gale found the heel of hers displaying a bit of an attitude. She threw it aside in favour of a purple seed stitch scarf. She completed the black one fated for her brother-in-law’s Christmas gift and has decided to knit up one for herself. The keyhole design makes this the perfect warm wooly for any temperature.

This past weekend was a busy one in our household as we had visitors from Regina. Lisa, Shelby and Morgan Schwager spent the weekend with us. As any good ambassador of the Land of Knitting will tell, we tend to promote our ways on any unsuspected knitter in waiting. This weekend was no different. Mine and Jeanette’s enthusiasm bubbled over and infected the Schwagers. I began both Shelby and Morgan on knitting up their own garter stitch scarves. Morgan took to the craft immediately and, I’m sure, will be an expert in no time. Shelby busied herself remembering the process and stitches (as I taught her when she was around 5 years old the basics of the process). Both spent every free moment stitching and even got their Mom involved. Although Lisa attempted to wrap her mind and fingers about the craft of knitting, she decided that crochet might be easier. However, once she got involved in the formation of stitches, the difficulties of chaining evenly and other mishaps she quickly discovered that it is not “easier” but merely different. She plans to work away on a blanket to keep her cozy on the couch while watching television. Join me in wishing all three gals well and a speedy completion of their chosen projects.

Success was had by all this weekend. Our meeting was wonderful. Even Gale’s friend Pam has rediscovered a love of stitching and this time worked on a knitted scarf rather than a cross stitch. Alison showed off her shrunken head purse (picture to come in coming weeks). Jeanette progressed on the Mousy Mittens. Bonnie and Gale moved ever closer to completing their latest pairs of socks. Jan began another hat for her grand son. Kristen showed off her quickly developing expertise in crochet. AND…we have even brought into our fold, new stitchers (who would have joined us if not for wanting to beat the flurries back to Regina).

Morgan (10 years) and Shelby Schwager (14 years) on my couch stitching up their scarves! – Notice the hand knits gifts (touques and monkey bag backpack)

Until next week my friends…

McKenzie Coles Coffee Corner of Gray Avenue and Central Avenue Saskatoon, SK 2 pm Sunday December 1, 2007
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