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SnB – November 18, 2007

November 18, 2007

Another successful meeting of the needles! We laughed, discussed social issues, drank loads of caffeine (even though one of our members admitted a dislike for coffee…shame on you!) and even got some knitting done!

Gale, our dishcloth diva, had an end pulling session with the latest additions to her cloth collection. She loves the projects due to their ease of construction and portability – they are perfect companions at the movies and if you knit carefully enough no one is disturbed by the clicking heard as she knits them up at marathon speed. In a plethora of colourful creations, these handy little kitchen / bath accessories are sure to please someone. Once the ends were all tucked in nice and tidy-like, Gale turned her attention to this keyhole scarf that she’s stitching up for her brother in law. I think we decided that it would benefit from a small fringe to add a bit of interest.

Jan is our regular knitter. She is a whiz at sock knitting, she is expert with hats and she is a joy to our group. Each week Jan has something new and interesting in her knitting bag. This week, Jan excitedly showed off her new yarn aquisition (Patons Decor) and eagerly cast on a shrug to keep herself warm and cozy. Over the past few weeks Jan has not only been to EVERY SnB, she has been creating wonderful creations that are coveting by many a family member.

Some of our regulars opted out of joining us this week (you know who you are!). Many reasons kept them from knitterly pursuits – the weather (yes it snowed and snowed and rained and snowed here in Saskatoon) as winter finally arrived and made the streets a little treacherous; the Grey Cup playoffs – what self respecting Saskatchewanian would miss their home team in the play offs as it only happens every 20 years or so (just kidding…they are a good bunch of young lads who try their best, I’m sure); and other obligations. However, I do have a bit of news to report: Jeanette (my lovely 15 year old) finally completed the first of her “mousy mitten” set (seen here with our family cat Mia). Jeanette was not in attendance today, but she certainly has done a nice job. Her stitches are even and she’s already suffering from SMS (Second Mitten Syndrome) and Startitis (she has a number of projects on the go). I’m happy to report that the second mitten is OTN (On The Needles) and the ribbing is nearing completion.

The four of us busily worked on several projects as we laughed and drank coffee. We even had a show and tell. Here you can see both Allison and Jan proudly displaying their handywork. Self striping sock yarn is a god send, as we all agreed.

In keeping with the show and tell theme, I brought along a funky little Monkey back pack. The pattern can be found in the Stitch’n’Bitch book and is a breeze to whip up – especially on the knitting machine. Much to the chagrin of Gale, I do quite a bit of knitting on the machine. Miles and miles of stockinette stitch drives me insane with tediousness. Therefore, I invested in an Incredible Sweater machine years and years ago. I can now make it through sweaters, afghans, simple home dec projects and more in an instant. I often will construct the back and arms of swearters on the machine while accomplishing more intricate lace and cable patterns by hand. The machine is a wonderful invention, even though Gale asserts that is is cheating an just plain wrong. What can one do with those process knitters?

As the afternoon wore on, I received a round of applause for the completion of the Xmas Sweater. In a beautiful aubergine Patons Decor wool blend, the sweater knit up quite quickly. I completed the insertion of a zipper today and Allison was kind enough to model it for me. Thanks, Allison! As some of you know, Allison is our “invisible” member. For weeks, she promised to join us and for weeks the real world kept her from us. We welcomed her to our happy group today and enjoyed her style and watched her accomplish a couple more inches on her sweater (another project from the Stitch’n’Bitch book). Of course, the back (done on the knitting machine) is just miles and miles of *yawn* stockinette stitch. Once you see the front, that’s where the magic is. A band of variated cables lies on either side of the zipper and hems the hood to add a bit of beauty and interest to this sweater that, I’m sure, a certain 15 yr old is going to love for a long time to come.

Our next meeting will take place at the regular time and regular place. Here’s hoping that our missed members will be there to brag about their projects, update us on their progress and enjoy the company of one another. Our group is growing and includes house wives, accountants, youth workers, writers, and a host of other types. Blossoming friendships and a love of knitting are the threads that bind our group together. We are a diverse group who welcomes any and all interest (IN FACT, the hostess of McKenzie Coles expressed an interest in learning our craft and, when she has a Sunday off, has promised to join us!!!! – Yes, Pinky, this is how we will take over the world and dominate all with our sticks and string)!!!

So come on over and knit a round or two and have a blast!!!!!!!

Next Meeting:

McKenzie Coles Coffee
Gray Avenue and Central Avenue
Not so Sunny Saskatoon, SK
2 pm
November 25, 2007

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